Written by IAN AND CATHY

7 Apr 2004

by ian and cathy of north yorks...at our favourite site in west yorks..the return late last summer..when just the one guy was present.so we felt so much more at ease..not as unnerving as a group of males round the car..attracted his attention..via lights..and proceeded to put on a show.. he actually looked harmless..just watching and wanking..which we like..it was a warm night..so cathy suggested that we wind the window down .to let some air in and to give our voyeur a better view..well a few minutes later the old guys hand slipped in thru .it mind if i touch he stammered...at this i actually took his hand and placed it on cathys tits as she laid back and closed her eyes..i watched an old man feel my wifes tits.. as i fingered her cunt..which was rapidly becoming very moist..i.reclined her seat fully and got down ready to tongue her..she raised her stocking and knee length boot clad legs. to accomodate me..as i began .there was a strange hand next to my face..the dirty old bugger had slipped his hand down to her thigh.and was feeling her leg..his fingers almost meeting my mouth..she seemed oblivious to this..laid back moaning..maybe thinking it was my hand..his fingers trying to getinto her silky panties along with my tongue at this point i brushed his nand away.and climbedonto cathy to give her a good seeing to .raising myself above her to let ourvoyeur squeeze her tits...i whispered to her...well do you like an old man feeling you up while i fuck you..her answer was to yell out loud..yes..yes..oh..fuck..yes...as she came..he then took his hand away .and came seconds later...just as i did.... we had ashort post sex chat with our voyeur who was a regular and we have promised to meet him.aGAIN..SO.RON.. YOU SAID YOU WERE CALLED..SEE YOU SOON AT THAT G.O.L.D.E.N.PLACE..WE WOULD LIKE YOU ALONE..MIGHT EVEN TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE QUIETER IF THERES A CROWD..YOU COULD GET IN THE BACK SEAT WITH CATHY..AS I DRIVE US...SHE WOULD LOVE YOU TO GET HER TITS OUT ANDFEEL UP HER SKIRT..ON THE WAY ITS NOW A FANTASY OF HERS..IN FACT I THINK SHE WANTS YOU TO GET YOUR FINGERS IN HER CUNT THIS TIME..AND SQUEEZE AND SUCK HER TITS..GET HER READY FOR ME..IN FACT SHE IS NOW OBSESSED WITH DIRTY OLD MEN FEELING HER UP..IM GOING TO LET HER INDULGE...AS LONG AS I CAN WATCH..SO IM NOW A VOYEUR TOO. ..BUT STILL A PERFORMER AT HEART...IAN