Written by Cynthia

9 Dec 2005

After my first adventure with Mark and the subsequent unbelievable sex with my husband James we decided that this was a pleasure we had to continue with - and we did! The next month when Mark called at the office I immediately made a date with him for that evening. In the meantime I had bought some new, very sexy undies and that evening, showered, shaved and hair styled, I dressed in a lacy bra and pants before donning a low-cut blouse and short skirt. The fire-engine red undies were virtually transparent, my nipples well obvious and even my slit visible, with them I wore a black suspender belt and stockings with high heels. When I walked into the pub that evening I bet every man in there thought that I was a whore. Well, perhaps they weren't far wrong, although I wasn't going to get paid for fucking, I was fucking for my husband's pleasure later on. The sex James and I had enjoyed on that first occasion had been out of this world and he was eager to repeat it.

Mark was already standing at the bar with a drink and ordered a vodka and tonic as soon as he saw me. We sat and had another then left to go to his hotel, as we walked down the street he said, 'Christ you look sexy tonight, Cyn, I could see right up your skirt when you sat opposite me, I reckon half the men in the bar saw those red knickers!' 'Good luck to them, Mark, I like being looked at!' I replied laughing.

We got to the hotel and he ushered me upstairs to his room. He'd hardly shut the door before he was kissing me passionately, I responded feeling my nipples rise and my cunt start to develop, his cock was hard on my thigh and I reached for it. More kisses and he was taking my blouse off to remove my bra and start to kiss my breasts and nipples. The thrills ran through me, straight down to my cunt. I unzipped him and undoing his belt let his trousers drop, I pulled his briefs down over his erect cock and started wanking him. Then I knelt and took the purple head in my mouth and began sucking, he gasped and thrust it deep into my throat. He used my mouth like a cunt and I helped his lovely cock slide in and out, licking hard as well. It didn't take long..... then he was spurting down my throat, his spunk was nice and I swallowed greedily. But I didn't let him go, after he'd come I continued sucking and wanking until he was hard again. Then I let him undress me and position me across the bed so that my bum was on the edge, he knelt in front of me, putting my legs over his shoulders then applied his mouth to my closed cunt lips. He kissed and tongued them until he was able to force his tongue in, he licked all round inside before tongue-fucking me and then going for my clit. My sensed reeled as thrill chased thrill through me, I was hungry for sex but he made me wait until my juice was flowing freely, then he hoisted me straight on the bed and mounted me. I felt the slippery knob of his cock against my lips and reached down to part them with my fingers and let him push into my cunt. Feeling it ease right up inside me made me kiss him passionately, I tasted my cunt-juice on his lips and tongue. I like my cunt taste and I sucked at the wetness while he began fucking hard. After about ten minutes I felt the onset of orgasm and urged him to fuck me harder, in seconds I came with a great shudder and scream. This encouraged him to fuck even harder, almost brutally, but that's what turned me on, 'Come on you fucker!' I panted in his ear, 'fuck me till it hurts!' Well, it didn't really hurt but it kept me on the plateau of orgasm, that feeling a woman gets when the man is forgotten and her imagination is on the cock that is working her off with visions of cock, cunt and spunk filling her mind. That was me alright and I enjoyed the constant thrills as they rippled through me. Obviously Mark shot his load up me, I felt the hot strong spurts filling me as his cock went loose in the sloppy mess inside me. He collapsed on me, I had locked my legs round him and now found myself scoring his back with my nails as I thrilled and thrilled. He gasped for breath, 'Christ!' he panted, 'You're some sexy cunt Cyn!'

After a while he rolled off and we kissed more gently, 'I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did,' he said. I kissed him again, 'Of course I did, it's the one real benefit of being fucked by a young man, he can fuck so hard! I loved it.' 'Like a drink, Cyn? I can ring down for a vodka and tonic if you like, I could certainly do with one!' 'Why not? I reckon that's a good idea Mark.' He picked the phone up from the bedside table and ordered two vodka and tonics from Room Service, 'Better cover up, don't want to shock some young virgim waitress,' he said. We covered ourselves with the sheet, not that I cared one way or the other. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, which opened as a young waitress came in. She took the situation in with one glance, in any case she could hardly not have noticed the strong scent of sex in the room. She set the tray down on the bedside table, 'Enjoy your drink ..... and the rest of the evening!'she said as she went to the door, we laughed. 'She knows exactly what the situation is,' I said. We settled back with out v&ts. I asked Mark about his wife. 'I can't understand her,' he told me, before we were married she couldn't get enough cock, now she doesn't want it at all!' 'Was she experienced when you met her?' I asked. 'Well, she wasn't a virgin, but I don't think she'd had much experience and she certainly won't talk abouit it.' 'Pity, I'm a good bit older than you, Mark, and believe me, talking is the answer. If she won't talk sober get her a bit woozy, I bet she'll forget her inhibitions then, talk to her, fuck her senseless. Properly mind, seduce her, make love to her gently do everything you can to make her come. A lot of girls get quite frightened of their feelings if they've never come before. Show her how great it can be then talk to her, there's nothing to lose, is there?' 'No, I suppose not,' Mark replied. After that we made love again. I was full of spunk and really up for it, I told Mark to fuck me gently and make it last as long as he could. 'If necessary stop and think of something else, the longer you fuck me the better I'll like it!' I told him. He did as he was told and, after we had dozed off, eased his cock into me from behind and fucked me for a third time. By the time I left at about three in the morning my cunt had closed up on a lovely load of spunk and I left Mark to sleep it off.

Getting home James was in bed reading again, as before. He smiled as I entered the bedroom, 'Good time?' he asked. 'Great!' I replied, 'I'm full to the brim!' He put his book down, 'Take your things off then.' 'I'm dying for a pee,' I told him. 'No way!' he replied, I stripped and he laid me on the bed just as Mark had done even to putting my legs over his shoulders, then I felt his mouth on the lips of my cunt. He licked gently up one lip and down the other, something he repeated several times, he knew that they would open just enough for me to start oozing. Then he licked me there, again several times, until his tongue slipped inside and he lapped it into my fuck canal, I felt him suck and heard him swallow. I was so sensitive that I came and he teased my clit to make me come some more, then he had one great suck and rose up. He turned me onto the bed and mounted me, his mouth met mine at the same moment as his cock pushed into my cunt. He emptied his mouth into mine and I swallowed Mark's spunk and my cunt juice and kissed him fiercely. He rammed his cock deep into me and all the mixed juices squirted out on my thighs and belly, 'You fucking sexy whore!' he panted and carried on fucking me hard. I was coming nearly all the time until I heard his breath shorten and he groaned, the next moment his cock rammed in so hard that it bruised my mound, the spurt that followed was incredible and was folowed by several more. I kissed him frantically, my whole body shaking as orgasm after orgasm tore at me. Then he collapsed on top of me, I rolled him over and let his and Mark's spunk and my liberal quantity of cunt juice leak out over him.

If anything that night was more exciting than the first, apart from the sucking of my cunt and the incredible fucking that followed, James fucked me twice more. When I woke in the morning I was stiff with dried spunk and cunt juice and went to shower. When I came back James was awake, 'What a great night!' he said, 'If fucking another man has that affect on you, you must go on doing it!' 'I have a better idea,' I replied, 'next time why don't I ask Mark here? Then you can take turns with me, just imagine that.' 'Christ!' James panted, 'I've often wondered what it would be like to see you being fucked by another man!'

Did we do it? You bet, I'll tell you about it next time.