Written by West Country Lad

3 Sep 2005

Been a while since my last post, mainly because I haven't been lucky recently. Until last week .......... by the way sorry about no names, never did get the women and don't suppose you are interest in the mens!

Now most doggers will be able to sympathise with me. Been to their favouite place loads of times and nothing. My last post and last luck was near Maidenhead (when I lived back near London) and after that I had more or less given up hope. Well actally no, you never give up hope do you!

Anyway I now live near Bath and before I moved here was relatively lucky in the afternoon (a real older top tottie with boobs to die for and a knackered partner, but that's another story).

Now-a-days as I don't get or at least stay there until 2am I never see anything random. Like most of us I kind of get bored sitting for 4hrs in a car (and oh yes I have done it so don't ask). Besides it's not much fun sitting in your car with people in and out of the car park unless you go there every night and know someone/everyone and they in turn are willing to let you know what's going on and when and then you have a chat - but it's all too planned for me. Personally I always prefer something random, when the mood takes me and whoever else is there rather than a planned meeting for hours.

So this brings me to more recent events. I was travelling back along the M4 as usual and thought as I always do, just one more try and then never again (is this part of the fun of it - I sometimes wonder). Anyway a slight detour towards Bath and about 2hrs later I had read everything in my car including how the air bag works. So back home I guess and off I go, naturally on the way back I pop into the car park nearest the M4. Why I do this excapes me, but you have to just in case. Now this car park is meant to be wholly gay, but I am a voyeur and have watched men before and infact like it when a woman is involved (see last post). By the way most men don't like to be watched or at least in my limited experience are more shy than couples which is a shame.

As I pull in there appears a scattering, which happens. But I decide to wait. Nothing. Should I wait longer? Why not, 2hrs 15mins won't make much difference. But nothing. Then I wonder where everyone has gone, those that scattered. I don't want to spoil things, but I wouldn't mind seeing what's going on. I look about but they went somewhere so quickly. I wait a while longer no one is returning so I go an investigate.

First of all I see something in the shadows of the woods, I edge closer, it is wearing something sexy, I crouch ..... I see stockings which are an instant turn on for me. I edge closer, yes definately stockings. But it is someone on their own. Why? As I edge closer I realise its a TV who for some reason it just standing there, not very sexy. Was it just him I saw??? I turn to go back but then I hear a muffled scream in the woods and decide I must see whats going on, without ruining it.

I can definately hear something. This is really sexy, I can't see anything yet, but can hear something and know that something is definately going on. I slowly edge closer not wanting to get abuse incase I ruin something for whoever else is there. The TV doesn't follow me, which is a pity, maybe I have the wrong idea.

No as I go a little way in I see not one but two couples and 3 men looking on. One couple is too far gone to worry about me. Two of the men are by one blonde woman who is completely naked with someone who I later discovered to be her husband/partner was standing close by wanking at what he say. The other couple (a brunette) and third man was kind of waiting for something else to happen. They noticed I was there. Bummer did I mess it up, aparently not. The brunette then moved over to the blond woman who was wanking one man and sucking another - pushed them out of the way and went down on the blonde, licking from her boobs down.

I could have died a happy man there and then, but the husband who had been wanking put on a condom and moved behind the brunette who was mostly dressed, lifted up her skirt and with no formalities went straight up her. At this time I thought everyone knew each other and it was only later I found out everyone had literally just arrived before me. They must have been as frustrated as me!

I started wanking and moved closer. The tottie (well they both were) but the blonde woman bent over and started sucking me. The two men who were perviously involved with her started trying to finger everyone especially her. This must have hurt or something as she indicated to them to stop. I was worried that they might get pissed off with me after all I had only just arrived, but the girls were calling the shots. Her husband must have cum because he pulled out. I didn't really notice but he moved over to his wife and she offered him my dick, well they kind of shared it. Difficult to discribe really, but f*cking sexy.

One of the other men was now shagging the other lady and boy was she making a noise, I was worried that anyone else who pulled into the car park might come over and well complain or worse still put every one off what was happening. The second man was now really going for it with the brunette and didn't take long.

After they had finished they kind of drifted off, not noticable but one minute they were there, we nodded and the next they were gone. I noticed the TV was busy wanking, but from a distance. I don't suppose anyone else cared, nor did I really.

Bummer I thought it's finishing and I haven't cum, but the blonde was still there, so was her husband and the man that was originally playing with the brunette and by the way had a huge cock (wish it was me) was still there and almost indifferent like I have such a big cock you need me more than I need you (someone let me know but he never seemed to get really hard, where as I was getting out of the car, there is a someone who loves me). He may have been right, but there were now 3 of us and one woman. She decided, literally by saying shag me, she started wanking herself and talking dirty, I was about to burst but worried that I had no chance with big dick there.

Mr TV had by then come really close and bent over. Big cock turned and rammed it straight up TV. It must have hurt, was sexy to watch all happening at once for me.

Mrs Blonde started alternating sucking between me and her husband and then looked me in the eye and said do you have a condom (yes I did but in the car). Thankfully big dick said he had one and passed it over. Her husband was still getting deep throat as I move behind her and after licking her for what I think was ages but probably was two seconds I finally entered her. She turned round and actually said thank you. Her husband had somehow got underneath and was licking her and me going in and out, occasionally taking me out of her to wank me before putting me back in her.

I tried to hold out for ever but couldn't and had a massive cum. I pulled out. She insisted on sucking me afterwards and taking the condom off before instructing her husnad to eat my cum out of it. We chatted a little after and they have my number, but what a sexy night!

Whilst I don't like planned events if you can come anywhere near that night and want my number, call me when in the mood!