Written by Nurse Jacky

28 Sep 2006

Many years ago when i was 35 I finally submitted to hubby's desire to see me with another guy and have already referred you to that posting by my hubby (terry548). Well it was that good that about two weeks after the event I phoned Andre (aged 28)and arranged to meet again but this time without hubby.

I went straight to his house and was pleased to see that his housemates, Paul (aged 24)and Leon (the black guy aged 22)were at home. I didn't know what to expect but I had dressed in a press stud front white nurse's uniform, with white hold up stockings and nothing else. The guys didn't waste much time on niceties, they knew why I was there. Andre walked up to me and pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, I responded and pulled his body closer to mine. He stepped back and Leon walked up to me, he too kissed me then stepped back, grabbed the front of my uniform and just ripped it open to expose my tits and shaved pussy. He pushed me to my knees, dropped his trousers (he was wearing nothing underneath) and pushed his huge cock into my mouth. He held the back of my head and just roughly mouth fucked me. Paul walked behind me, got me onto all fours and just fucked me. Here I was, a respectable professional married woman being used like a whore (and an unpaid one at that) but loving it. Leon came quite quickly and I swallowed as much as I could. Paul fucked me till I came and then he lifted me up and they all carried me to the dining room table where I was laid spreadeagled. My uniform was wripped off me leaving me in just my hold ups. Paul eased his cock back into my wet pussy and pulled my legs open and over his shoulders to get full penetration and he filled me up. I was telling him to fuck me harder as my next orgasm built. I love a young fit guy to fuck me they are so fast. I freed a hand to rub my clit as my orgasm ripped through me. He kept fucking me right through it as I screamed like never before, just as I was subsiding he gave one almighty push and I felt the heat of his spunk as he came inside me. He plopped out and was immediately replaced by Andre. He thrust in and out gently but firmly, like an experienced lover.He kissed me deeply as i held his neck to pull him closer. Paul had fucked me but Andre made love to me and I came again in a lovely way just as Andre filled me with his lovely cum. He withdrew and kissed me gently. I turned my head to see what was happening and Leon offered his big black cock to me. Paul got back between my legs and fucked me again. I sucked deeply on Leon and squeezed his balls, reaching out to wank Andre's hardening cock with my other hand.

Paul stopped and went down on me and gave me great oral, bringing me to another orgasm. Leon bathed my mouth again and Andre shot onto my tits and face.

Paul was still hard and he stood me up, Leon took one arm and Andre the other and they bent me forward, Paul pushed my legs open and he just took me doggy, so hard and fast, i felt a bit used but began to cum almost immediately with the friction. Luckily Paul came too and i was amazed how much spunk these guys still had.

That last session seemd to please them for now and we settled down to sleep. I was given a spare double bed but was woken at about 3 am by Andre licking my pussy. He moved into a 69 and I took his lovely cock gratefully into my throat. I bobbed up and down it for what seemd an age as we enjoyed each others bodies. I came with a scream just as he filled my mouth with a huge amount of spunk. We settled down together and slept fitfully in between him fucking me a further three times.

I went down for breakfast to be greeted by all 3 naked guys and once again being pushed forward over the table and fucked by Leon, then Paul and finally Andre. What a night, and hubby thought i was at work !!!!!!