Written by max

11 Feb 2006

Sal’s Adventures

What you must remember is that all this is what she related to me a lot later - although I did suspect sometimes that she was getting fucked!!

Sal - my wife - a secretary of twenty years or more - had just started working for a small insurance company - it was a one man operation and the boss, Rob was the owner. I knew that she would get the job when she applied as I knew the guy would be smitten- as she always turned heads wherever she went!! She was between sizes 8 -10 and had lovely 36DD breasts with lovely nipples – she wore a pretty normal sensible grey two piece suit – suspender belt and stockings - no panties and she hated tights!! The Boss – Rob – I knew right away would like her - she had that aura about her - as I had often told her that he would like her - also she was very confident and competent. She had that way about her – I had to keep telling her not to be so naive and look out!!!

Our sex life had always been really full on and brilliant (see My Wife’s First Threesome 25/07/05) - but then I had an accident a few years earlier which slowed me down a lot - I would often lose it at the most crucial time of our love making - I got very depressed over this but we managed up to a point. This had gone on for some time.

I had run her back to work one afternoon – we had often talked again of her fucking another man – after Dug – we were chatting and she was in a teasing mood – she wanted to know how far she could go with another man – if it happened!! I said all the way – with the exception of anal – as that was for us only. OK she said – then you might like to know that I have been screwing the boss!! I wasn’t really surprised as I had met him a few times and knew he fancied her. She then went on to tell me all!!

Not long after joining the firm - Rob said he needed some more Office Stationary. He said that she might as well go with him so that she would know where to go in future. Whilst driving to the Stationary Office - and as they chatted - and to her surprise - he put his hand onto her knee and slowly caressed her - she was a bit surprised at this and didn't do anything about it - she said she quite enjoyed it really - he became bolder when she didn't protest and moved his hand up under her skirt and caressed the inside of her leg feeling her suspender and stocking top and then higher and could feel her pubic hair and then his fingers felt her lips- Sal also hated wearing panties - if she could help it. She heard him gasp and suddenly move his hand away and she knew he was so excited. But they had then arrived at the Stationary Office. They got back in the car to return - and he again slid his hand up the inside of her leg - feeling he pubic hair and gently fingering her cunt, she knew he was excited - he asked if she minded and she said not really - she told me that she didn't object and quite enjoyed it - to feel another man fancying and fingering her!! As soon as they got back to the office he disappeared into the toilet and it was some time before he immerged - and she guessed that he had a wanked himself to orgasm!!

She told me all about this - and how excited it made her feel. As she told me - I felt an erection rising and said it had also excited me and she quickly dropped to her knees opened my fly and held my erect cock and sucked me deep into her mouth making me cum in record time - I then gave her oral until she also exploded. I said I would like to hear anymore and to let me know if it developed any further - she knew what I was like - that I loved to hear about her being chatted up and fancied!!

A week went by and nothing was mentioned - one morning he came up behind her while she was working and put his hands on her shoulder and started caressing them - (she knew that this was going to be the day!) - he asked if she minded - she said no. With that his hands went under her arms and onto her full rounded breasts - she always wore very thin bras - and in no time as he caressed and played with them - her nipples where standing up firm and erect. He then slipped his hands inside her blouse - and removing her breasts from her bra - asked if he could kiss the nipples. She could feel the hardness of his erection pushing into her back. At this Sal knew what was going to happen - so she told him to lock the office door and pull down the blinds.

He did - and Sal knew it wouldn't be long before he was coming. She moved her chair around as he came back to her - facing him - she leaned back in her chair pushing her breast forward - he quickly wrapped hips lips around her nipples - she then moved him back and then opened his fly - pulled out his erect prick and sucked it into her mouth - he was playing with her breasts as she gave him a blow job - he was groaning - she knew he was going to come at any time - he suddenly exploded into her mouth his spunk splashing over her face and over her breasts. They cleaned up after that - and he was very happy and sated. Poor Sal was frustrated still!

Because she was only 10 minutes away she always came home for lunch - she had already rang me on her mobile to say that something interesting had happened and would I like to hear about it - I couldn't wait. As soon as she came in - could smell the cum on her - and immediately got hard - I then made her tell me all what had happened - we couldn't wait and didn't get any further that the dining room floor before I pulled off her bra – I didn’t need to pull off her pants – as she didn’t have any on - and sucked on her nipples that I knew he had not long ago sucked on - she lay on the floor legs wide apart - my cock was so hard - and I sank it straight up into her wet cunt - she was wet and waiting - within no time at all we both reached our orgasm - burying my spunk deep inside her - it was a great feeling - and a real turn on!!

This happened quite a lot – the same scenario - I always knew - could smell his spunk. It was some time before he actually fucked her properly. She told me the first time was again in the office – she had his prick out and he was playing with her breasts and fingering her cunt – he then sat her up on the corner of his desk – and very slowly entered her cunt – she said he had only thrust in and out about 10 times and he was so excited he spunked deep within her cunt. The same thing happened – she came home and I rode in on his spunk – which I thought a real turn on – I didn’t seem to be losing it now – we guessed it must have been the excitement of her being fucked by another man. She even switched her mobile phone on one day as he was making love to her in the office – wasn’t very successful as he didn’t say much – all I could hear was gasps!!

I must admit I did encourage it - as to me it was very exciting. He locked up the office and took her home one afternoon – she told me it was one of his best results - as he stripped her and lay her naked on the bed – then after kissing and caressing her breasts and nipples he moved down between her legs and licked and sucked her clitoris until she orgasmed – she then let him slip his cock into her and sucked him in until he shot his huge load of spunk deep inside her cunt. When she came home it wasn’t long before she had another load buried inside her. We both really enjoyed it so much – we even did it to another friend – that’s another story which I will relate at a later date!!

So if you ever read this Rob – you will know who you are – I owe you a lot for keeping up my exited sex life – thanks!!