Written by tete01

15 Sep 2006

What a busy week, tuesday tim helped me to tidy the store room today he helped again.

What started out as an accidental meeting at the beginning of the week has now turned into the highlight of my working day..

Having had a good time with the bottle on tuesday Tim has obviousley given our meeting some serious thought, we now have a code, sent by email that each can use to tell the other that we're up for some fun and it's more fun than you can ever belive.

The email arrived this morning @10.15 ,wet with expectation i went to our secret place soon after, my thick cocked lover arrived full of suprises. Show me your fanny and let me watch you finger yourself he said, eager to please, i lay on the table and let my legs flop over the sides, i opened my smooth pink fanny lips wide and rubbed slowley, it's nice done slowley.I looked over at Tim hoping again for his thick swollen cock to go where my fingers were, but no, he'd clearley thought about todays meeting and had planned ahead, from a bag he pulled a tub of yoghurt and a rolling pin. I was dripping with exitment as he came over and poured the cool youghurt on to my red hot aching fanny,aching for his hot cock but better was to come as he pushed the rolling pin in to my lips 7 or maybe 8 inches disappeared,but it felt so good as he rammed the lengh of smooth wood in and out and the coolness of the yoghurt and my juices mixing drove me wild." You really are a dirty little bitch, arn't you he said" as he pushed harder.As the liquid dripped from my fanny onto my arse he pushed his thumb into to my arse, i could hardly breath with the pleasure it sent through me.

He stopped and stepped back," fuck your fanny for me you dirty little slut and tell me how much you like it he said"

As i did as i was told, the door opened too far gone to stop i had to carry on too horny to care.

Tim came over to me, kissed my stomach and held open my silky, swollen shaved pussy lips, so wide i was amazed the rolling pin didn't fall out, i'm so glad it didn't. If it had, Andy our customer service guy wouldn't have been able to take the best photo's i'm sure he's ever had on his mobile phone..

As for me it's amazing the ammount of stationery the boys from upstairs need all of a sudden.

Bring it on boys, and bring along anything you'd like me to play with....I'll let you know!!