Written by karen and gary

13 Aug 2004

hi, just a little about us, may man is gary, 29yr old, short dark hair, tall fit and very well endowded, i'm karen 36, size 14 38dd with dark hair. gary had always been adventourous when it came to sex, bondage, cross dressing, w/s, 3 somes etc, anyway, he had this fantasy of me fucking someone in front of him whilst he was tied up and who was i to complain.

on the appointed day he knew he was up for a treat but didnt know quite wat hit would be,i dressed him in a little french maids outfit, thong stockings and knee high boots, put a cock ring on him and tied him to a chair at the end of the bed, then carefully placed a bondage hood over his head and left him there with the blindfold attatchment left off so that he could watch me get ready for the night ahead.

i put on a short black pvc dress, stockings, thong, boots and long leather gloves with my wedding rings on top of the gloves, then i put the blindfold onto the hood and left him whilst i went down stairs to meet my guest.

after about 20min my guests turned up at my door, all new wat was to happen thru lots of emails, fone calls and texts.

we went upstairs and i was soon on the bed on my hands and knees with a big black cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, at this point the 3rd guy took the blindfold off of my man and he saw me for the first time. as soon as he could see me the guys started fucking me hard, telling me wat a dirty cock loving slut i was and that i loved black cock in me. the 3rd guytied my arms behind my back and took my tits out of my dress then promptly tied them up. they then spent the next 3hrs fucking me in every possible position including two cocks in my pussy and one in my arse. when they had finished with me they foto'd me with spunk dripping off of me and for a final present for gary all 3 of them lined up in front of gary and pissed all over him.

they then left me and gary spent the rest of the night on the floor still dressed in his maid outfit and covered in piss

will let u know wat we do again in the future xx