Written by Corelian

26 Sep 2006

I had met Susan at a pub down in town late on a Saturday night. I had called into the pub for a last drink on my way home. When I turned around she was talking to a young lad, but he left shortly afterwards.

She was about to leave herself so I offered to buy her a last drink and we started to chat. The conversation started with the usual nervous silly questions but soon turned suggestive and we found ourselves touching each other up in a quiet corner of the pub.

She asked me to walk her home and we left for what was a very pleasurable if short walk back to her house.

When she opened the front door, the house was in darkness apart from a dim light coming from under the living room door.

She closed the front door behind us and slowly opened the living room door only to find her 20 year old daughter getting humped from behind on the floor.

Susan shouted at her daughter (Helen) - not for finding her in a compromising position with a man, but because she was wearing her underwear for him.

He apologised several times while he dressed quickly and left. Helen had got up and disappeared past me upstairs, with Susan's shouts still ringing in her ears.

As she climbed the stairs I couldnt't help but notice her breasts bouncing and the fact that her nipples were as tight as they could be. Her panties were still pulled to one side and that gave me a good view of her pussy as well.

She stopped half way up the stairs, turned toward me, winked and carried on up the stairs, taking the top off as she went. If I didn't have a decent erection from the fondling on the way back from the pub, the sight of a good sized pair of breasts on a young lass finished the job off.

It took me about half an hour to calm Susan down, but eventually she did admit that it looked good seeing Helen getting it in her underwear.

She opened a bottle of wine and taking two glasses, we headed of upstairs.

Susan showed me where the bathroom was and went off to get into some more of her sexy underwear. Having finished, I started out to fond her, but had not noticed which bedroom she had gone into.

The first room I tried turned out to be Helen's. I apologised and was about to go, when she pulled the bed clothes back to show me she had a vibrator slipped into her pussy.

He left without giving me an orgasm, she said. I thought you might have come to finish me off. She slipped the vibrator out of herself and got out of bed and walked over to me.

She offered me a taste of her juices from the vibrator. I licked the vibrator and I wished I could have stayed, but Susan was calling me.

Come back and see me when mum falls asleep she said and she fondled my now hard prick through my trousers and we kissed briefly, our tongues wrapped round each others.

As I entered Susan's bedroom, my prick took another leap as I saw Susans's figure with next to nothing on. The camisole she was wearing was see-through and the panties were crotchless.

Would you like to hump me from behind she said, getting onto the edge of the bed on all fours. I don't ever remember undressing faster than that in my life before. Susan said she wasn't into foreplay and that I should just give it to her.

Eager to please, I slipped into her from behind, moving myself slowly around inside her as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. She moaned out load as I then thrust all the way into her, pushing her forward slightly so that I could get a better rythm going.

She asked me whether I had seen much of Helen's body earlier and whether I fancied giving her one as well. This was all I could stand for the moment and I shuddered and then shot my load into Susan, bringing her off as well.

She rolled ovr and we lay beside each other for a while, touching and gently getting each other turned on even more. She eventually climbed on top of me and slipped onto me.

I started to moan heavily as Susan started to ride me, letting her breasts bounce into my face, so that I could lick and suck at her nipples while we made love.

Again she asked me if I would like to do this with Helen. I said I would and she stopped briefly, only to call out Helen's name, and then started to ride me again.

The door opened slowly and in walked young Helen, wearing only a tight fitting thong. She stood near the door for a few minutes watching my prick sliding in and out of her mother, before getting onto the edge of the bed and cupping my balls in her hand.

I grabbed Susan's backside and statrted to give it to her as fast as I could. The warm feeling of Helen's hand playing with my balls worked its majic and I shot another load up into Susan and she collapsed onto me writhing in orgasm.

After a short while she got off me saying that she wanted to let the dog, or rather in this case, the bitch see the rabbit.

Helen ran her hand up and down the length of my prick and then went down on me, taking the end of my prick into her mouth while licking at it.

She then slid her mouth down onto me fully and started to play gently with my balls again. I was as near to heaven as I had ever been and taken even nearer as Susan climbed over my face and squatted down onto me so that I could lap at her pussy.

I ran my tongue up and down her slit and tongued her clit before finding her hole and slipping my tongue in as far as I could get it, making her moan loadly. She moaned even loader as I slipped one of my fingers up her other hole and played gently with her while Helen sucked me off.

Susan moaned again as she came and slipped off me again, so that I could get to Helen better. I slipped my hand into her thong and ran my middle finger between her now very wet lips.

I pulled her thong down and off her legs and Helen rolled over, adopting the same position that Susan had done before. She said she wanted me to finish off what the other man had started earlier on.

I slipped into her from behind andimmediatley started to thrust in and out of her. She was incredibly wet and yet nice and tight. The friction did its job on me very quickly and it took me all my concentration and will power to last more than a few minutes.

I played with her breasts and then slid my hands down and took hold of her hips. Once again I started to thrust in and out of her. Like her mother, she moaned loadly as I gave her one.

The sound of our bodies banging together was turning Susan on who shouted out 'Fuck her!'. Helen joined in and begged me to slam my juices into her.

The rythm worked on her and she screamed as she reached orgasm - at last I could shoot my load into her without disappointing her and I moaned loadly and came into her young pussy.

We got into her mother's bed and slowly fell asleep together. Sometime during the night, I made love with the pair of them again and woke in the morning to find Helen's legs intertwined with mine.

Susan brought a coffee up for each of us and we lay in bed, but drinking in bed was the last thing on her mind. As we made love again, she asked me how I had enjoyed my mother and daughter scene.

Did you plan it, I asked. Not the bit where we found her at it when we got back from the pub - she winked and we carried on making love.