Written by jack

18 Jun 2005

I have more than one (true)dogging story. Some include my mother-in -law and others, my wife: not together. I do not drink, smoke or gamble, my addiction has always been sex and risk....

Just a little back ground. My mother-in-law's home is quite close to my wife and I. She has been divorced for 21 years, no man between untill me. My wife was a mothers girl, her mum Mary kept her close, again, untill my wife met me, (my wife was a virgin). I give these facts for later stories.

My wife and I had only been married for about 18 months, our sex was ok but not great, I have always needed that something extra. Anyway, one evening I was waching TV, my wife was asleep on the couch. Mary came in through the back door; is she asleep, she said? I wanted her to trim my hair (she had brought the tools.) My mother-in-law sat down in the armchair next to mine. The lights were off and it was dark outside; only the TV lit the room. She complained about the condittion of her hair; as a man, I couldn't see anything wrong with it. It's fine I remember telling her. No it's not, just look at it; she pulled at the strands. Do you want me to trim it, I asked, not really meaning it? Thinking 'I mean, how hard can it be?' 'You might make a mess of it, she had said!' Look, just tell me how much you want off and thats all I will take off, (remember reader, this is not word for word.) 'Ok,' she said, but be carefull. My wife was still snug and fast asleep. I got a dining room chair and sat her in it. I turned on the lamp; I had put the light close by, as not to disturb my sleeping partner and mother-in -laws daughter. I set to work, snip, snip, not a bloody clue what I was doing! Now, as I messed with Mary's hair I started to get turned on. I slowed down my cutting and started to stroke her kneck and face, pretending to brush the hair from her face etc. I felt that feeling you all know, the feeling that you want to do more, the feeling you get when you know it is not the normal thing to do! You know it, don't you!?

Anyway, my mind was buzzing for an idea of what to do next, I wanted to try something and make it look natural; not thinking of what 'she' was feeling now, or would feel as I went on' I only knew what I was feeling! I had an idea, I went to face her and said 'my back is aching with standing to long, part your knees a little while I rest a knee on the chair edge, she let me part her knees, (Mary had on a skirt.) I snipped away untill the jub was done, not able to think of anything else I could do. I reluctantly finished the cutting and touching. I took the cloth from around her kneck and shook it, she started to brush the bits of hair from off of her skin with her hand. Thats when the idea came to me!

Here, I said to her, Let me do that; as I did so, I pulled the back of her collar down a little and saw some hair, so instead of using the cloth, I used my bare hand, nothing unusual, nothing odd. With a lurch in my gut, I said, 'lean forward, as I said this I pushed her forward (I was behind her at this time), Mary did not resist. I lifted her top right up, looking over at my wife to make sure she was still asleep. Having hooked the waist of her top over my mother-in -law's shoulders to keep it from slipping back down I again began to whipe the skin of her back with the cloth, she not complaining. Your back is damp I told her, the hair is sticking, this was true. Tell you what, I will get some talc-powder, that will also prevent any itching from the hair. I went to the bathroom and got the powder, Mary had not moved. I shook some onto her back and began to rub it in, slowly as I went, feeling the skin; the butterflies in my stomach were stronger now. Now, without asking her I just undid her bra and put on more powder and continued to rub it on. Thinking back, yes she was enjoying the attention. Well, once again, that little devil in my mind kept pushing me on. Next, I pulled forward and down on the front of the kneck of her top, I shook a little more powder, it was then that I had to take that extra chance, the one where she would either put her hand on mine, to stop me, as I slipped it down, just inside the top and onto her chest bone, or she would just say, enough!!! To my surprise and excitement, nonthing happened, she just sat!

I got more dareing and let my hand go a little deeper, I kould now feel the soft top part of her breast, the part just above the bra: the mother of my wife stayed quite still and said nothing. By now my back was aching but I just didn't want to stop! Mary, I said, can you sit on the edge of the armchair while I clean off the rest of the hair? Without a word she did just that. I kept an eye on my wife as I am sure her mother did. I just climbed in behind Mary and shuffled for posittion. I put more talk on my hands (yes, the talk had become just the excuse, and very strong smelling, by now; and thinking later, I realised that it was important for her to have that excuse.) I rubbed the powder onto her ribs then around onto her stomach, gently as I went. A moment later, containing myself no longer, I lifted her bra and cupped both of her breasts, they were, unlike my wife's, large but with small nipples. All excuse had gone now, I was just feeling her, getting the full experience of the breasts with my hands. But, as you know, in this kind of situation, greed and lust takes over. I moved off the chair and went to the front of her, she had closed her eyes. I kneeling on the carpet, I looked at her breasts as I fondled them, I moved closer and took one into my mouth, she breathed in sharply, the first sound since it had all began. I licked, sucked, and fondled to my and her delight but once again, that time arived, I wanted more! I stood Pulled my zipper down, and extracted my fully hard cock from my jeans, I took hold of her hand and placed it around it, moving it back and forth, her eyes still closed. I then got my knees on either side of her legs and put my penis between her lovely breasts and began to fuck them, rolling them around my cock, it did not take long for me to cum, it shot out with a force, some between her breasts, some on her chin. When I was compleatly empty I got both her hands, this time she resisted a little, this soon ended as I used them to rub my cum into and over her breast. That was that for that evening and for some weeks. But it did carry on for some years and Mary became as I was, needing the danger as much as the sex. (We went go dogging, before it was known as that, as did my wife and I.) (I never had my wife and her mum at the same time.) (Did Mary climax that first evening, I do not know, I did try to put my hand between her legs but that was when she put her hand on mine and stopped me.) I think for the first time in 21 yars, what she had that evening was enough for the first time. (This is a true story and are many more.) Just ask.