Written by Cash

30 Mar 2004

I hope you all enjoy me teeling you about the exploits with my mother in law, well as I have just started to fuck her on a regular basis I have been waiting for the right occasion to tell you about it.

The father in law works long hours and so that leaves the mother in law alone a lot of the time,Im pretty good at DIY adn do a lot of work for them. Yesterday was no exception.

I was doing some work in the lounge when my mother in law came home from work, she told me that she was going to take a bath and asked would I make her a cup of tea, as I was thirsty I obliged, when I had made it I shouted to her it was ready and she asked if I would take it up.When I got outside the bathroom door I could see that she had left it open slightly, I peered inside and could see through th emirror that she was lying down in the bath with her feet up near to the taps, her legs were open and she was pushing her hair brush inside of her cunt with one hand and playing with her tits with the other. I put the brew on the floor and took all my clothes off, my cock was solid, I picked the brew up and walked in to the bathroom, she never flicked an eye. I put the brew down and sat on the side of the bath, I started to play with her nipples at first before going for her clit, as I began playing with her clit she reached up and started to wank my cock, I rubbed harder and harder and before long she began to buck her hips, all the time thrusting the hair brush inside her soaking cunt, it was not long before she came, she then opened her eyes just in time for me to shoot all my hot sticky cum all over her face and tits. My cock stayed hard, I told her to get out of the bath and touch her toes, which she quickly did, I stood behind her, wiped her ass with pussy juice and then fed my rampant cock up into her tight little ass hole, she moaned like a bitch a first then when the stinging subsided she began to enjoy it. Soon after taking her virgin ass, my balls began to shake, I withdrew and shot my second blob of hot cum on her ass and back, she swivelled round and took my cock in her mouth and licked me clean.

This life cant get much better. I will let you know if it does in part 4,

Emails welcome especially from Mother in Laws,