Written by Leo

30 Nov 2004

Its the most exciting sex I have hed in years! I am 25 and very happily engaged to be married to a gorgeous girl, her mother(Jenny) is 49 size 16 and got one hell of a pair of tits(36DD). I have been with my fiance for one and a half years and get on really well with her parents, especially her mother. She is not pretty or anything but damn there is something really sexy about this older woman.

We always flirt when we have had a few drinks and when its not too obvious but I have never thought much of it, obviously. But in the summer they had a big family bbq over at ther house and we went... as things happened I was wearing board shorts and no underpants and she was wearing a knee high skirt which made her legs look fabulous. Anyway as things happened everyone had alot to drink and we were all really drunk. On a few occassions I could see up my future mother-in-laws skirt and on impulse I could feel my cock erecting. I stood up on purpose and she noticed once or twice and just winked at me. Anyway at about 2.30am the guests had all gone and we were going to stay over as me nor my fiance were capable of driving.

We went upstairs into my fiances old room to bed and her sister and parents went to theirs. Anyway my fiance past out within 10 minutes and I was not really feeling that great after about an hour or so lying in bed... so I went to the downstairs bathroom which only had a toilet, hand basin and shower in it not to wake anyone if I was going o be sick. I stood there for a while feeling iffy and then proceeded to the kitchen were I took a drink of water, and sat down in the lounge the room spinning like mad! I must have past out... I woke up after what felt like hours with my future mother-in-law shanking my face, she asked me if I was ok and replied yes and that I was just feeling ill. She told me she could not sleep as my future father-in-law was snoring so much and she could not wake him to stop. Anyway she sat opposite me with her gown on which also seemed to me like she had nothing on underneath... with all this thought I was getting an almighty hard-on and I had taken my shirt off in the room and could not hide it in my board shorts.

She moved back into the sofa and spread her legs to reveal her very hairy clam and said to me I saw you looking at me earlier and wondered if you wanted to see it in the flesh rather than through my knickers!! I replied OMG, that is gorgeous!! with this I moved off my seat and went down in front of her on my knees and pulled her towards the edge of the sofa and gently started licking her pussy and clitoris. It had an amazing smell and when I actually parted her lips and tasted her from the inside my cock was throbbing red.

I licked her out for about 10 minutes and she was moving frantically and cupping her hands over her mouth in order not to make much noise and then she shuddered as she reached a climax. She was dripping wet, I then stood up and undid my shorts to reveal my raging 8.5" hard on which she promptly took into her hands and commented that I am a nice big lad! I undid the belt to her gown to reveal those gorgeous hanging tits wich had small dark nipples which were like rocks. She then took my cock into her mouth and started sucking! WOW the older the the better!!! I could not cum after a few minutes probably because of the alcohol and pulled out of her mouth, my cock was so hard it was blood red... I nelt down on my knees and spanked and rubbed her pussy with my cock until she said please 'fuck me hard'. I inserted my cock into her and thumped away deep into her pussy it felt amazing... she was snogging me frantically and groaning. I then pulled out of her and asked her to stand up and lean face forward into the sofa I then stuck my cock into her wet hole doggy style while holding onto her sagging breasts which with my thrusting were swaying back and forwards. I then felt her whold Vag tighten up and I could feel my juices building right up from within and I stuck my thumb into her arsehole as we both had amazing orgasms with me filling her 49 year old pussy to the brim with my hot young CUM! She sat down on her gown and it went all over it... we gathered ourselves and she said she had not had sex in 2 months and she has never experienced oral as good as that nor such a hard fat cock! We cleaned up down stairs and I felt much better and proceed to bed very satisfied.

In the morning I could not believe it had happened and thought it would be uncomfortable. She winked at me befor we left which made me feel at ease and we now meet at least once or twice a week for a good bit of dirty sex! She now enjoys anal TOO!!! Its Great!