Written by Steve W

18 Aug 2003

My mother in law Jenny had invited me to a BBQ as the rest of my family were still away on holiday. Jenny was a fit 58 y/o with a curvy figure and full breast which always indicated erect nipples whenever you met her. This particular day we were joined by a couple of friends and her sister in law Anita who'd I'd guess was aged around 52. The day was hot and as the drink was downed in volume the occasional water fight broke out. Jenny became the target as she was the loudest and received a good soaking resulting in her having to return inside the house to change clothing. I was already using the bathroom and didn't here Jenny come upstairs and as I opened the door was greeted with the sight of Jenny removing her soden dress and revealing white underwear that had now become transparent. I fixed my eyes on a very hairy mound and instantly got a hard on. Jenny made no attempt to cover herself and smiled when she noticed my bulge and requested I come into her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and removed my trousers, then told me to remove my underwear which I duly did. She removed her bra to reveal a gorgeous set of tits with a full erect nipple and asked me if I liked what I saw. What else could I say but yes expecting her so ask me to suck them, but instead she ordered me to wank in front of her. I took hold of my cock and started to wank slowly as she watched every stroke with a wry smile on her face. By now her hand had dropped inside her pants and she was frigging herself gently. I moved forward and removed her panties to expose a glorious hairy pussy, all wet and in full bloom. I knelt down and licked her wetness as she groaned gently begging me to go deeper. She tasted wonderful and orgasmed showering my face with her juices.

At that moment the door opened and Anita walked in. She remarked on our absence and heard the groans from Jenny and decided to see for herself. She couldn't help noticing my erection and wet face and asked Jenny was I good at performing oral, definitely she replied. We'll see about that then and removed her short summer dress to reveal a pert pair of breast and a tiny G string. Before Jenny could move she buried her head between Jennys legs and licked her clit whilst placing a finger up her arse and tormenting her to another orgasm. Anita got up and removed her G string before straddling Jenny in a 69 position and dropping her shaven fanny onto her mouth. Whist Jenny licked Anita I placed my cock into Anita's mouth and received a great blowjob before Anita requested I cum over Jennys mound. I sprayed my cum as instructed so Anita could once again lick clean. After we finished we cleaned up and returned to the BBQ, although Anita did ask for seconds but thats another story.