Written by Bard

27 Dec 2011

My husband and I have been married for nearly 30 years, and are very happy.

We have had some sexy fun with others in the past, but have been roleplaying more than anything for the last 10 years. If the right opportunity presented itself, then I am sure I would let myself be persuaded again, but we live in a small village near Bath, and as lovely as it, it is also like the proverbial goldfish bowl, as both of us being teachers’ we have to be very careful.

Apart from our profession, I am about to become Grandmother, so again it seems that role-play is the safest way for sexy fun.

Our daughter has been married for about 4 years, married young. Carl is not our choice but she loves him, he has a good job in finance, good looking a six-footer, longish hair unlike her dad.

But there is a problem, when he does not get his own way sexually he plays around. We have had El in tears many of times because some girl or another has left a message, phoned home or sent an email.

Normally they came over Christmas Eve, spent the night, a good boxing day walk, pub, pig out on leftover cold meats and off they go again.

William my husband said, let’s leave El and you in bed, and him and Carl would take the dog for a walk and he was going to have a man-to- man talk with him, about women, our daughter and his responsibility.

This was brave of William, and I was proud of him.

To reduce a longer story a bit, we had a lovely Christmas day really nice and cosy.

On boxing day William got up leaving me in Bed, I heard the spare bedroom open, voices, the word walk etc., then I dropped off again. I was awoken by our front door slamming.

I called out, Ella’s name I was going to explain that Dad was going to sort Carl out.

When shock of shocks, Carl, answered, saying she’s gone for a walk with Bill.

I was angry, it’s not Bill, it is William I screamed, he said something back, and the next thing I know he is our room, telling me to keep my knickers on and chill.

I was not expecting this; there he stood six foot tall, a Nirvana t-shirt on and tight boxers.

Are you still going to continue to screwing your way through your office, Carl? It has to stop, Eli does not need this. Then I noticed his cock was growing in his shorts.

The thought of all the other women is turning you on isn’t it you bastard.

“No you are in, showing your tits off” he pulled his shorts down, “do you want some real cock”

“Do you want to hold it?”

“No, Carl”

“You don’t want my cock?”

“Yes”, I grunted,

“Yes you want my cock, say it you horny bitch”.

“Yes you want my cock, don’t you?”

“Yes Carl and I were up at him, it, scrambling for his cock.

His cock is about 8 inches, larger than Williams and he was a brute he grabbed by hair and said that you’re just a fucking cock slut, playing all innocent and now he’s going to fuck my face and make me shut the fuck up.

I was trying to work his foreskin, act like a porn star, that turns will on so much, but he was just fucking my face, calling me a dirty fucking milf, a horny fucking slut. I pulled away because I could sense him cumming, and turned around, and with my silky black vest top still on stuck my ass in the air, he was going to rip my tiny new black bowed, M&S panties off I hope, but the fucker just pushed the material to one side and forced his fat cock up me.

The man was a menace, he was calling me dirty names, saying so little Orphan Annie has come to rescue, she is going to let her pussy get pounded for her daughter, you are going to regret interfering, he pulled nearly completely out.

“Is this a one-off, Annie?”

No I whimpered, I can’t fucking hear you, No, I shouted louder, and then he slammed into me about a dozen or so times the full length of him, I almost passed out and felt him shoot his cum.

He then wriggled his cock about, stretched my bum cheeks, exposing my other hole and said mmm, some other time maybe.

Then got up and went back to their bedroom. I looked at the clock radio, it was 6 minutes, I had been fucked mercilessly in 6 minutes and I was shaking like a leaf.

I got up, went into the shower, and showered off the cum that was splattered all around my ass, my thighs, the lovely sweet panties that William had bought a few days earlier were just a misshapen spunk cloth.

I then started to shower, and done something I have not done for years, I frigged myself in the shower, my clit was aching, I wanted it licked , dear William is a very attentive lover unlike Carl, so why was I thinking of his cock and I was frigging myself. I came finished showering, hid my panties in my dressing gown pocket and opened the bathroom door, looked at the spare room, good it was shut, this is embarrassing. The minute I walked out on to the landing, the spare room door opened, and Carl walked out completely naked.

“Not so fucking fast” he said and grabbed me

I said unbelievably, quickly they will be back soon, he said you are a dirty fucking slut; he stuck his fingers up my wet pussy, mmm. And then shoved them into my mouth, I just sucked them.

He then pushed me towards our bannister, pulled up my towelling bathrobe and stuck his fat cock up my still soaking wet pussy. I was coming again in second and I thought I could hear voices coming down the lane, he was still banging away and I wanted more cum, the voices were Eli’s and Williams,

Whenever you want a slut Carl, I am here ok, I love quickies Carl, just love them , just shoot and go, use me, carl, use me. At last the fucker shot his second thick creamy load, I heard wellies being pulled off in the porch, Carl disappeared back into their bedroom, I went for another shower, decided to wash my panties in the shower, made myself decent, put on some clothes and went down to help William fix breakfast.

When I got down stairs, William said, Surprise, Surprise, Carl is getting better, he said he will tale Eli out in town for breakfast and go to the Boxing Day Sale at the Mall.

Are you alright Anne, you look all flustered?

Dilemma, do I continue fucking Carl, and keep him, satisfied. She did say once that she’d prefer him to go to massage parlour rather than fuck around with girls at work, so it’s not the fucking she objects to. And poor old William does he really want to clean up Carl’s spunk after he has “smashed my pussy “as Carl so delicately puts it.