Written by john

28 Jan 2005

On my business trip i had to visit southamption.After i finished work i stayed on with my in laws. my Father in law was out on business trip. They had house maid (MALE)to look after the house.

After dinner my MIL called me to her bedroom and asked me if she is really sexy.I said yes you are. She changed into see through night in front of me. I had a hard on.

She said her hubby has not fucked her for last one year and she s keeping her self going with vibrater. Saying this she removed vibrater from cupboard .

Next couple of minutes she was completely naked and moving vibrater in her cunt. I was slowly wanking myself watching her.

We both came off in next 10 minutes.

She said she misses the real thing and she wants a nice cock and she does not whom to ask.She said she will not take mine as i belong to her daughter.

I gave nice thought over it and said how about Mike (house maid). When i said mikes name my cock was hard again.

Thought of mike fucking my mother in law gave me hard on.

After some time my mother in law was convienced and she said you will have to tell him.

I said okay deal. I asked my mother in law to stay naked.

I went to mikes room and woke him up. I told mike hey come on MIL needs you.

Mike followed me , as soon as he entered bedroom he saw My mother in law naked on bed with legs open.

I said come on mike go ahead and fuck her.

Mike was soon naked and his cock was hard , oh my god it turned out to be 11 inches.

Looking at big cock my MIL moved and took his cock in her mouth. She reaaly sucked him well.

I settled myself on sofa as wanked myself as mike fucked my mother in law in various positions.