Written by john the trucker

9 Feb 2005

i am a lorry driver, i have been for over 20yrs. i have seen some sights & have some stories to tell, most drivers have! one night that i'll never forget i was driving down the M25 & to be honest i was on the phone when through the corner of my eye i noticed a white car sitting beside me, my first thaught was shit its the old bill caugh me red handed using the phone! but as i looked down ito my relief it was not, but it stayed right alongside me doing my boring, limited 56mph, i then looked into the car which i now noticed had its interior light on & there to my amazement was this blonde wearing nothing but a black basque, suspenders & black stockings! not only that but her left leg was up & over on the passenger side & she was stroking herself with her left hand! she stayed right there for about 5 mins giving me a good show but now i was rock hard & going out of my mind, she started to accelerate away slowly so i flashed my lights & hooted to say thank you when she pulled into my lane, flashed her hazards but still stayed at my speed, we were coming up to the next junction & she indicated to turn off, i flshed again to say goodbye & again she flashed her hazards, i thaught ok i'll follow her up the slip road for another quick look before i go, at the end of the slip road where it joined the roundabout she pulled over to the outside lane & stopped even there was no traffic & she could have just gone, i shot up the inside lane to get one last glimpse before i rejoin the motorway, she now stared me right in the face, smiling at me & pulled down the top of her basque to show me a gorgeous pair of tits! she beckoned me to follow her, i knew the road & knew there was a layby about half a mile further down, sure enough she pulled in & parked up, i walked to her car where she had reclined her seat & was again having a real good play, sadly the doors were locked but thats understandable & surely part of the "dogging rules", nevertheless she gave me a fantastic show & i was rubbing the bulge in my trousers when she beckoned me to get it out so i did, so there i am standing in a layby watching this stranger bringing herself off while i'm having a wank! well with the way she was writhing about it wasn't long before i knew i was going to cum, i gestured to her if she wanted to open the window for me to cum on her or maybe even for her to finish me with her mouth but she didn't want that so i just shot my load all up her window as she simulated licking it up from the inside of the glass, then without a word we both straightened ourselves up blew each other a kiss, i returned to my truck & we both drove off into the night