Written by Wink

6 Aug 2005

My wife is normally quite conservative when it comes to sex, but i must tell you of a recent journey we made on the M4 heading back to Dorset from Devon.

We'd been out for the day and my wife was teasing me all day about how she was going to take her knickers off and flash me in public, (she was only wearing a short summer skirt), so whenever i could i tried to glimpse up her skirt or feel through the material to see if she had at any point taken them off. She hadn't and i was pissed off, but before returning to travel home, she said she need the loo, so popped off while i sat in the car. She returned and we set off for the motorway. After 15 mins, she took her shoes off to reveal her gorgeous painted red nails and kept crossing and uncrossing her lovely legs. Her breathing fastened, and i could hardly concentrate on the road as her skirt rode up. Then she thrilled me, as she lifted her skirt to cross again, she revealed her hot, hairy pussy, naked to the world and for any man to see. My cock was rock hard and could'nt believe my eyes as she sat there, legs apart, urging me to pull up alongside any lorry / van drivers to give them an eyeful too ! As you can imagine, i loved the idea, so sped as fast as possible to the next lorry we could find. My wife put her right leg up on the dashbord, and put her left leg down, but spread her legs as far apart as possible so any higher vehicle driver would have a perfect view. We did this for 20 miles or so, and both loved it as she looked the drivers in the eye as she pulled her wet pussy lips apart. I wanked and came over my tummy after i had clitted her wet cunt to orgasm in front of all those sex-starved, horny drivers. I loved the thought of them wanking over my wife. When we got back i fucked her hard all night, next time i want her to suck me off while i'm driving, with her ass in the air for all drivers to see !!