Written by kitty

12 Sep 2006

i was driving down the motorway last friday afternoon having been working in Glasgow all week, i had a really shit couple of days with everything going wrong, was really looking forward to getting home and enjoying the weekend. I started to get very horny, and very bored, the traffic was terrible. As i was thinking of my husband and the fucking we would do that night my nipples got so hard and began to tingle. Before i knew it I was rubbing them and dreaming of my husbands big thick cock. I was aware of a lorry trying to overtake me..........the driver and his mate were looking in at me rubbing my nipples. Instead of overtaking they stayed level with me......this turned me on no end. Next thing i pulled up my skirt and started to stoke my thighs, parting them just a little hoping they would see my soaking wet thong just covering my smooth tight mound. I was so turned on with them watching me, i saw a sign for 'services' (ha ha) in 2 miles and my naughty horny mind was thinking of something very naughty.

I phoned my hubby to tell him what i was doing with the truckers and that I was going to pull into the services and see if anything developed. I asked him to leave the call connected and then although not actually being with me, he could enjoy the situation also.

I pulled into the HGV part of the carpark and parked up. Sure enough they came and parked right next to me. I decided to give them a little show before i got out the car. My fingers were rubbing away. I had tilted my seat back so they could get a better view. OOOOOh it felt so good stroking my tight smooth pussy lips just knowing the hot wetness I would find when i parted them.

At that point I got out the car and the passenger door of the lorry opened and a strong hand pulled me in.

From then on there was no messing about......it was a double cab with sleeping room. My skirt was pushed up and a big hand was touching and rubbing me. I was careful to make sure the phone clipped to my belt was turned on. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of a strangers fingers rubbing and stroking me, parting my pussy lips and rubbing my aching clit. I was letting out little moans of pleasure as his mate sucked my tits, all the while knowing my husband could hear this also.

I was turned over and a thick, rod hard cock entered me, his mate made the most of my mouth and before long i was being banged at both ends. Everytime this guys huge cock rammed into me I wanted to scream but couldnt because my mouth was full of the other ones cock.

Needless to say a good time was had by all........Cant wait to drive on the motorway again.