Written by R & J No 296017

20 Apr 2005

Some years ago on a hot summer afternoon, I decided to go for a walk by myself. I often did this. I walked up the lane, past E’s house. E is a few years older than me and her husband was away a lot. He has a job in the EU offices in Brussels. E thinks he has a woman there too! E is a very ‘ordinary’ person; grey hair, plump in a comfortable way, a casual dresser, almost totally unremarkable in a pleasant way. A lady in late middle age.

I heard E’s mower and then saw her struggling to mow a grass bank in her garden, she was not managing very well! It was a hot day and the mower was not doing her bidding; I offered to help and between us we managed (with some rope) to make a good job of mowing the bank; it took about an hour. So; I decided not to go for the walk and I accepted her offer of a cool drink and a coffee when we had finished the job.

We went into her kitchen, both of us a bit dirty and sweaty and she put the kettle on and I watched her get cups and things down from a shelf. I caught a glimpse of bosom and hairy (well she is German) armpit as her T-shirt fell away from her arm as she reached up. E noticed me looking and said nothing.

She made the tea and gave me my cup and then, making sure I was looking, reached up for some biscuits and I couldn’t help looking at her again, wet hairy armpit and all!. This time she brought the biscuits round the table and reached over me and put them on the table.

Her arm touched my shoulder, and her breast too. She took a deep breath and I am sure she could smell the scent of my fresh sweat from the mowing! She KNEW I was turned on, and she knew I could smell her too.

She put her arms each side of my head and kissed the top of my head! I was very surprised! Then she reached down, her breasts either side of my head, and gently felt my erection and asked in a soft voice whether I wanted to ‘do anything’ about that! Now I WAS surprised!

I didn’t answer, I just got up and turned round and took her in my arms and kissed her. She was incredibly responsive and her arms came up round my neck and she kissed me back very robustly indeed; her hips were pressed to mine and her legs were apart and I could feel her ‘bits’ through our clothes; then she put her hands up my shirt and felt my chest and the shirt came off. I did the same with her T-shirt and by this time we were on her stairs. The coffee was forgotten.

Somehow, we got upstairs and I got her bra off; her breasts were larger than I thought they would be and ‘firmer’. She gave them to me to kiss; the nipples were distended and her breasts felt, tasted and smelled wonderful; then she took my shorts and pants off and kissed my cock! I stopped her because I thought I would cum there and then.

She led the way to their spare bedroom. The bed was made up and she took the bedspread off and I put her on the bed. She took her own shorts and panties off and lay there with her arms open and I fell into them. We kissed and I felt all of her body which was soft, plump and welcoming; I got to her inner thighs which were very smooth and then to her pussy which was red with excitement and very wet, so wet that it was leaking down her leg a bit!

I kissed her lips, her neck, her arms, (she smelled great) her breasts and her tummy and then she opened her legs up for me to kiss her pussy which I did very enthusiastically. I could feel her clit and her whole area seemed to be wobbling; it wasn’t long before she started to bounce into my face and scream and she came with a rush of fluid and a sigh. She shuddered and held my head tight with her thighs and her hands; she then said that she hadn’t cum like that for years!

I was huge by then and she took me in her mouth. Again, I stopped her and asked her if she wanted me inside her. She said ‘yes’ and parted her legs and sucked me in! It was incredibly wet, very hot inside and slippery and I went right in immediately, she shuddered and held on to me with her legs and arms as if I was going to be blown away. I could only manage a few strokes before I came but she came again too, in another rush; we were clinging together, covered in cum and sweat, gasping and ‘amazed’.

We must’ve dozed for a few minutes but very soon I woke to find that E was kissing and sucking me and I was soon very big again. She seemed to be almost detached, she would not let me do anything with her. She simply told me to let her have her way. She was much stronger than she looked and I was almost too weak from my first cum to argue!

She moved around and I found her very wet pussy full of her cum and mine above my face; I kissed it; She was kissing and massaging my cock and she had a finger near my anus too; this was new to me but I was in no position to object and I wasn’t sure I wanted to!

So much cum had come from her and me that her whole pubic area was very slippery and I touched her pussy and anus gently and she promptly dropped her whole self on to my finger, which went into her anus to the hilt! She loved that and pushed her finger gently in and out of my anus too, all the time holding my balls and sucking and licking my cock. Mind blowing!

We were lying on our sides by now and kissing and masturbating each other and eventually we turned around and fucked each other again (it took longer this time) gently at first and gradually rising to an almost furious intensity. We came together in a blur of feeling, touch, scent and shouting; and then we fell in a tangled heap, full of relaxed joy and a glow of satisfaction.

We lay there for a bit, talking, and we decided that all this couldn’t happen again. We lived too close to each other and it’d never work. I agreed. Then she got up, found me a towel and ran a bath. We certainly needed one. She washed me and dressed me and pushed me out of the door and reminded me that I had been for a long walk, hadn’t I??! Yea!

E still lives there, about a hundred yards away. I still meet her most weeks, we even have coffee, in company, on some Sundays, we NEVER talk about what happened. It is almost as if it never did; but it did, and sometimes she winks at me to confirm that she remembers too.