Written by dave

23 Jul 2015

1970/80, I haven't seen my wife for a few days she had been away, we decided to to meet in London. We had a few drinks and both felt quite Randy,she was wearing a white blouse and black skirt,I asked to open her legs which she did, I could see the tops of her. Stockings white suspended belt and knickers. She said the man behind us had the same view which turned me on even more, open them further her knickers were even more on show. We decided to leave and head for a cinema, we chose 18 cert, I looked over my shoulder and see the man following us .we entered and found. seats at the back, a few people around but scattered all over. We settled and could see him sit away from us, I didn't mention this in case she felt uncomfortable, we started kissing I opened her blouse her white bra stood out in the dark pulled it down to play with her breasts, she didn't seem to mind where we were,I carried on with with the right affect, Her hand was rubbing me threw my trousers, I told her to stop or I would come to quickly. She leaned towards me me my hand went up the back of skirt, pass the stocking tops to those white knickers, my fingers found their way in and she was already wet, sliding back and forth was no problem. After a while we came up for air but not for long, we started again two fingers slipped in easy, as I looked past her the man from the bar had moved into the same row about six seats from us. This has always been my fantasy, for someone to watch but no more than we were doing, she knew this should I tell her or risk spoiling the moment, he had his trousers open and was walking. I took a deep breath and said someone was watching us, I don't mind as we have gone this far and is something you have always wanted. She sat up straight and moved forward in her seat, she lifted and I pulled her skirt up to her knickers, Her stockings suspenders were on show, he was still wanking. I pulled her Knickers down to her knees, she spread her legs so I could get into her, my fingers were going as fast as possible,I told her he was still wanking, she looked over to him and smiled he came immediately. He got up and. Left, we carried on she undid my trousers and wanked me till I came, which wasn't long, we have done this many times and gone further.