Written by clare and peter

17 Dec 2003

i am sure some of you have read my encounters with clare or mrs snob as i call her,well i have recently been making a load of rustic fencing for there garden and it has been hard work but its finally finished now,during the 3 weeks it took to do the job clare has not been able to fuck as her hubby alan has been around most of the time.

she has however made a point of making sure i could see her panties and cunt at any oppertunity.like when invited into the kitchen for a cuppa one day when it was pissing with rain and i was soaked as i sat at the table she was bending down to look in some cupboards and showing her parts of to me and all this while her dozy cunt of a husband was in there as well.another time when she had 2 of her friends around for coffe and i was invited in and she was sitting opposite me with her legs crossed and making sure her cunt could be seen by me but not by her friends.talk about a prick teaser and she is 64 but i must admit she is a good fuck and loves all things doing to her and she doesnt mind doing things back.

well i finally finished and her hubby said if i went around on 15-12-03 with my bill they would pay me up,so of i went yesterday and sure enough hubby got the cheque book out and paid up.clare meanwhile was busy and asked if i was going away for xmas i replied no as i cant realy afford it.o dear she replied we are going to the west indies for a fortnight and its very cheap this year only £4500 EACH.

i thought you fucking patronising bitch they are paying out for a 2 week holiday almost as much as i earn for six months.

at that alan said i have to go out now and as he went he wished me a happy christmas.he had barely got in his car and clare got out of her chair and stood in front of me and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side and said this needs a cock in it lets get going.so i got on my knees and started to suck her cunt .it was soaking wet and i asked if she had been frigging it to which she replied yes i wanted it all wet and ready for you.i got my tongue on her clitty and sucked it for all was worth.clare was loving it and was holding my head into her crotch.

after a while she said lets get more comfortable so we went to the bedroom and stripped our clothes of as soon as she was naked she bent over showing me her cunt and arse thet was enough for me and i moved behind her and put my cock in her cunt and started fucking she shouted not in there i want it in the other hole.so i took my cock out and clare held it to her arse hole and fed my cock in.she is only a small women and has a small arse and its very tight and i knew it would not take me long to cum.she sensed i was going to cum and pulled away and took my cock in her hand and wanked it all onto her face and mouth then she licked it from her fingers as she wiped of.we fucked twice more that morning and i did get to cum i hercunt for once,she really is a randy old bitch and belive it or not this is not a story but the truth and i will tell you more when it happens.anyway she is on her way to the sunshine now for a couple of weeks the lucky cow and even luckier the man she will get to service her red hot cunt