Written by John

10 Nov 2004

I recently went to my mother in laws to do some work at her home. She is 58 and a litle wrnkly but she has a good heart.

On arrival she was still in her dressing gown, she told me that she was going out shortly and would leave me alone for a while. I could see through the button holes that she was naked underneath,I could see het tits and her bush.

She went and got dressed and left me to do my jobs. When she had gone I went straight to her knicker drawer and took out her knickers and bra's, it was then I found her Dildo. I took hold of it and licked it, I could taste her cunt on it. This had an immediate effect on my cock, so I took my trousers of and began to suck her Dildo and wank my cock, savouring her taste. I was so engrossed I never heard her come back for her purse. The first thing I knew was her standing in the dor way watching me suck her juice from the toy and wank my cock.

The first thing that I knew was when she said to me, do i taste nice, I shit myself, I threw the Dildo down and tried to cover my hard cock, she just said that now that she had seen me for me to carry on.

She then sat on the bed and moved my hands and looked at my cock, I was very hard and pre cum wasleaking from my tip,she told me to wank for her, so I thought what the fuck and began to wank. After a while she stood up and removed her trousers and knickers, she then sat back down and started to rub her Dildo up her cunt. I could see her wet cunt lips part as she nudged it in her, there we were me wanking and her on her Dildo.

About 2 minutes in she removed the Dildo from her cunt and offered it to me to lick, which I did without second thoughts, she tasted very nice. I continued to scuk her juice and she began to suck my cock. It was not long before i shot my load of cum down her throat, she swallowed the lot. She then got dressed and left, she never mentioned the event ever again, just wished I could have fucked her.

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