Written by bubba444

27 Jan 2006

hi just to tell you what happened the first time i saw my mum in law undressed. my mum in law nancy lives in with myself and my wife as her husband has long passed away.Nancy is a very very busty large lady of 66yrs old. my wife always works nights and a few months ago nancy said she was going up to get washed and ready for bed just after my wife had left for work. it was about 5mins after this that i popped up to the toilet on nearly getting to the top of the stairs i noticed her bedroom door slighly open, and nancy standing in front of her mirror half undressed in skirt and bra. it was a slightly sideways view i had of her, i was amazed at the sheer size of her bust without a blouse or cardigan as she always has on or a dress.i decided to stay peering through the bannister rails hoping to see more. Nancy then took her skirt off revealing an old fashioned girdle and plain stockings, this suprisingly was turning me on.i had never ever thought of girdles turning me on. Nancy now started to take her huge bra off as it was dark on the stairs i knew and hoped i wasnt seen. once her bra was off i was confronted by the biggest breasts i had ever saw, they were horrible hanging down to nearly her girdle waistband. this amazingly had me nearly exploding, i then decided to take my cock out and began wanking it off. Nancy was now putting cream on her face and neck and her huge breasts were just swinging about. it only took me about 2mins of this and i had to quickly tuck my cock back in my pants before spunking off i was soaked never had i came so much. so over this last few months i have followed her upstairs whenever the chance arose, and wanked over the sight of Nancy undressing and sometimes putting cream onto her huge bust. most times i am that turned on at her in her girdle,stockings and huge breasts hanging there that i'm able to spunk off twice. i was sure she knows i watch as its the way she says i am going up now to get undressed, and sometimes whilst standing there wanking she sometimes half sort of glances towards the door. last week whilst watching i think her knowing of me watching and wanking was confirmed to me. i was on the top few stairs as usual in my dressing gown peeping through the bannister my rock hard cock getting really wanked hard when she took her girde off, she had her back half turned towards me her really large fat bum looking beautiful to me, i was over the top at been turned on, she was bending down at her dressing table huge boobs hanging massive bum staring at me, it was too much i went into my room took my gown off and lay wanking in pure heaven. whilst lying there i heard someone move and as my door wasnt quite closed i could see that Nancy was on the landing as her figure was casting a shadow onto my bedroom wall from the street light shining through the landing window i didnt know what to do at first but i knew by the shadow that she was watching me. she could only see my lower half probably chest down due to my door beeing nearly closed, i started to wank even faster now petrified at the same time but thinking oh what the hell. i could feel myself starting to shake i dont know weather it was the massive thrill i was having or knowing Nancy was watching me furiously wanking off on my bed. i could feel my spunk rising to the biggest orgasm i had ever had. then wow it was here i was spunking off everywhere spunk on my chin my chest,stomach it was still pumping out when the door suddenly opened and Nancy just stood there staring open mouthed at my cock still pumping spunk out, it seemed like minutes not seconds until she said oh i'm so sorry i've just came to get a towel out the airing cupboard and rushed out. i was that turned on that i just lay there wanking even harder and spunking off a second time just as much knowing she could hear me,and that she knew i'd been watching her undress and wank my cock off on the landing and here now, lying there covered in unusual amounts of spunk the guilt and embarrassment set in and i've hardly known what to say to her , she just has a glint in her eye and still says i'm going up to get undressed i havnt watched since as it frightened me, but i'm sure missing those huge breasts. i shal let you know if i go back to look.