Written by PHIL

13 Sep 2006

About a month ago I was at home early one afternoon having a kip on the sofa as I had been at work since 3am.

I woke up at about 2pm with a raging hard on so I did no more than get it out and start wanking,I had just reached the point of coming when the lounge door opened and my mil walked in.Well I think I got it put away before she saw it.

Anyway she sits down on the sofa and tells me that the electric to her house has been cut off for emergency repairs and my wife had given her a key and said she could come round for tea.I thought that explains what you are doing here spoiling my wank.

I have to say at this point my mum in law does absolutely nothing for me sexually,I have never even fantasised about her.

Then she tells me that she has got to go and see the doctor because she gets cramp in her right leg.

I think by now I must have started to glaze over because she was suddenly looking at me very strange.

Then she comes out with Ann (my wife)tells me you give a good massage, would you massage my leg for me?

what could I say YES, with that she hitches her skirt up and puts her right leg in my lap.I started to massage her calf and after a few minutes she asked me to massage above her knee.

My mum in law has got quite hairy legs and I dont mind a bit of fur on my women, she said sorry that she hadn't shaved them and I told her I like hairy women, with that she parted her legs a little and said they get hairier at the top. Well by now my hands are stroking her thighs up near her knickers and I said to her how much further do you want me to go, Mmm she said all the way would be nice.By now my cock is rock hard and I am up for it so I pulled knickers to one side and she had the thickest hairiest bush I have ever seen,when I started to explore her cunt with my fingers she was soaking wet and had lovely big meaty lips.

I slipped a finger inside her and said bloody hell you are soooo tight at which point she had her first orgasm and when her cunt tightened up it nearly broke my finger.

shortly after while she was playing with my cock she said yes her cunt was too tight to have kids she had them by ceasarean and she could only take an average sized cock,well that mu slip it up there fuck that took a lot of effort but it was worth it WHAT A FUCK she came three more times and mu cock felt like it had been run over by a truck.

the only down side is she has got horrible droopy tits.

Last week while I was fucking her she admitted that the first time she had looked through the window when she had seen my car on the drive and when she saw me wanking she ran in the house before I could come, and she didn.t have cramp in her leg