Written by lw

31 Mar 2004

one evening my mumcalled me to ask if i could nip round to her friend jenny's house ask she had deveolped a damp patch on her kitchen cieling and was worried about it , i only lived a 5 minute walk away so said yes no problem . when i arrived at jenny's she answered the door in a chineese style dressing gown ,"hi i have come to see your damp patch jenny " isaid well in that case you better come inthe she said hold ing back her laughter as i realised what i had just said to this 55 yr old lady ,as i tried to cover up what i said she said it was not every day she was made an offer like that which was making me even more embarrased, anyway i found the problem and began to go about sorting it ,jenny offered me a drink and brought it up to me and sat chatting to me ,as i turned around i could see in the mirror wardrobedoor right up her dressing gown this began to get me semi hard and i was so busy watching the mirror that ispilled water from the basin i had been catching it in all down me , jenny quickly began to start try to remove my wet clothse witch shocked me at first the she said i will have to get thoose dry for you ,by this time i wasunable to control my growing cock and as jenny pulled my jeans down my bulge was right in front of her she laughed and said my havent you grown into a big boy and release my now fully erect 9" cock and beganto suck and lick it ,it was the best blow job i had ever had she took almost the lot down her throat,the i felt my cock twitch as i erupted in her mouth she was trying to swallow it all but i could see the cum all running down her chin, she slipped of her dressing gown and revealed a great pair of 36 dd tits and a lacy black pair of knikker which i removed in no time at all to see her soaking wet cunt she puled my head into it it was so sweet i licked it until she came the she fucked the life out of me , she has asked me to go and do a few jobs for her since that each time she always gets nothing less than a mouth full of spunk or fucked in every room i have my eye on my mums other pal linda i will let you know how i get on ps older women are great fucks