Written by m s

27 Dec 2003

a couple of months ago i recieved a phone call from one of my mums mates.she asked if i could help her do some work in her garden,as i had nothing else to do i said that i would come round that afternoon.i got there just in time for a cuppa,we sat talking for a while then went outside to the garden.she showed me what needed doing and said that shed leave me to it.after a while she came and said that she had hurt her back and was going for a bath to ease it.i stayed in the garden and finished off.when i had finished i went up to the house ,she was in the kitchen making a cuppa .all she was wearing was her dressing gown.we sat talking and she was still moaning about her back.she said that what she needed was a massage.the problem being was that her husband was working away and there was no one to give her one.she looked at me and suggested that i gave her one.i said no problem,and we made are way into the house.i folled her up the stairs to her bedroom.when we got in the bedroom she turned her back to me and dropped the gown.she was naked underneath ,she lay on the bed and covered her lower part with a towell.i started to rub some baby loition on to the lower part of her back .i was by now very hard ,as i had always found her to be a turn on to me.as i was rubbing her back she was making little moans and saying how good it felt.i moved my hands up and down her back and at the same time rubbing myself up her leg.she looked at me in the mirror and asked me if i would do her legs and feet..i poured more loition on to her legs and started to dothem .all the time i was doing this i could see up the towel.she had the hairest pussy that i had ever seen.it was so thick that i cont even see her lips.she must of seen me looking becuase she suddenly asked if i was enjoying looking at her.i just looked blank and said that i was sorry.she said not to be sorry and remove the towel.i removed the towell and she rolled on to her back,there it was the hairest pussy that i had ever seen.she opened her legs and told me to go down and have a better look.i put my head between her legs and looked straight at it .while i was there she said that i might as well do her a favour and eat it.i went straight for it and was soon enjoying this fifty something womans love juice.she really was getting wet and it was spraying all over my face.just as she was going to come she forced my face right into her.when she had finished she pulled me up to her and she lick all her own juice of my face.she pulled my shorts down and started to suck on my dick all the time she was doing this i was fingering her into another orgasm.once she had come ,she moved round into a 69 position and rub her self all over my face.all the time still sucking on me.once she had rubbed her self clean on my face and tongue,she told me that she wanted me to eat her arse and if i didnt then i wouldny be coming in her mouth.i looked at her arse and it was so hairy the hair was sticking right out of it.i pulled her cheeks open and buried my tongue in it.she was moaning big time now and even sat right up and forced her hole straight down on to me.my tongue went right in and i just moved it like a small cock in and out of her brown hole.i lay there fucking her arse with my tongue till she came again.i then tongued her from top to bottom to get her really clean.when that was done she finished me into her mouth and french kissed me giving me a mouth full of my own come,which i swallowed.she said the next time i go round she will let me lick her hairy arm pits and suck her toes.i cant wait