Written by Arcadia

15 Feb 2005

Having been a long time admirer of this site i have finally plucked up the courage to post a story of mine that recently occured.

Thinking about it though, i actually have numerous stories, but i'll post this one up first!


Me and my girlfriend had been going to Glastonbury for the past five years and each year the group became more sexual. Talking, showing, even the occasional exhibitions!

During the last day, and while most of us where heavily drunk we all decided to move into one of the bigger tents for a final night of rowdiness. Alas, i was not expecting what was to happen.

What started out with twelve people in the tent eventually dwindled down to just five. Me and my girlfriend (Rachael), my best mate and his gf (Graeme & Jennifer) and Kelly who had just split up from her boyfriend where happily chatting along when the conversation turned to sex. And as seems to happen a lot. Which girl has had lesbian encounters.

I know that Rachael and Jenny had experimented with each other on numerous occasions, but it was Kelly that we where interested in.

"i havn't" kelly sighed. Already my gf had a glint in her eye.

"you should try it one day" said the majority of us, though not in unison. The questions came think and fast and eventually Kelly explained she would ideally like to try it with Rachael. So given a bit more drink, and a lot more courage, the girls tongues became entwined in one anothers, the soft wet noise of there mouths making every kiss seem ever more sensual.

Te girls where in full flow, and hands where starting to wonder. Kelly had begun rubbing Rachaels breasts, and Rachael returned the favour, although she had slipped down further by now to her thighs. Even Graeme and Jenny had begun kissing and softly rubbing each other. Graemes dick was poking through his jeans for all to see, and the site of jenny rubbing it made my own cock stand to attention.

Crikey! i thought to myself, i've been left out here. But soon Kelly and Rachael released from there embrace only to discover that graeme and jenny where by now half naked and really going for it.

I just smiled at Rachael and shook my head knowingly.

Soon however, myself and rachael where entwined in each other, made all the more passionate for the fact she had just been kissing kelly. My hands began to caress Rachael's soft thighs and moved ever more closely to her beautifull pussy. Each stroke of her soft thigh was met with excitement as she writhed on top of me.

Jenny and graeme meanwhile where in full flow and she was now slowly rubbing his long shaft that was there for all to see. He was quite long but it seemed quite thin (as my gf later agreed with me).

My hand eventually found its why onto he soft wet cotton of my gf's knickers and, rubbing her pussy ever more faster, my gf begun sliding them down her long legs.

I could hear moaning coming from Jenny andd looked over to see Grame's head delved deep between her thighs, the licking and slurping noises i think turned everyone on.

Kelly meanwhile (beleive me, i forgot her to!) was in the corner, legs apart, masturbating for us all to see. Which was more of a shock as she is usually quite introverted. Her knickers where by now on the floor too (that made three pairs!) and she was rubbing herself sensually and slowly, staring at graeme's licking of jenny.

Jenny was staring over towards Me and rachael and reaching out too caress rachaels lovely legs.

"i want to taste you" said jenny to rachael, obviously in a heightened state of arousal.

So with that rachael manouvered herself over jennys face and promptly recieved a good lick.

With that kelly began moving over to the by now three person display and began caressing Rachael as she recieved a good tongueing of her best pal.

"mmmmm" said rachael

"i wish the guys would put on a show for us" she continued.

The girls agreed. And thats where the story gets interesting.