Written by Arcadia

16 Feb 2005

Right those who have read the first part will now whats going on, so this is the continuation of it.


Now me and Grame go back to a long way. We've known each other since we where 10 and, yes, we have experimented with each other. Only the usual hand jobs, blow jobs and masturbation. I think most people have around there teen years. Anyway, on with the story

While the writhing group of girl continued, my head felt rushed and a sudden sense of what was to come dawned on me. I mean, i wasnt THAT drunk! But here we where, in the middle of glastonbury, about to embark in a wild sex session!

"Oooh yeah, i would love to see you suck Graeme" said Jenny

By now Graeme had rose from his position between jennys leg and was slowly touching his hard cock.

We edged closer to each other, staring at each other, knowing full well what was to come. Our cocks where solid, and obviously both excited by each other. I made a grab for his cock and began wanking it slowly as the girls watched on.

He was quite long, about 7inches, but he was thinnish, however it felt so good to have a cock in my hand. The way his foreskin moved up with each stroke was so erotic.

We where looking at each other, kind of in lust, but also in anticipation for what was about to happen.

we kissed. His tongue penetrating my mouth, i returned the favour. Gradually as our kissing became more passionate we stroked each other s bodies, and i had made a play for his testicles. Stroking them and gently puuling on his sac.

"ooooh your so big" said rachael to Graeme. "i've always wanted to see (me) suck a dick". With that i pushed Graeme back so he was half kneeling and half lying back.

I grabbed his stifff dick, pulled his foreskin slowly down, and immediateley sunk my mouth around his head. I could feel his body tense as i began bobbing my head, making sure his foreskin was moving with my tongue.

He began reaching around towards my ass, and started slapping it, saying how cute it was (thats later). I couldnt believe it, i had my bet friends cock in my mouth, my gf was fucking her two best mates. Now i know why its the festival of free spirit!

After a while of slowly wanking and sucking graeme he motioned for me to move away as he was going to cum.

I pulled away. Imeediateley i noticed that the girls where sitting there legs apart touching each other while watching our little show.

"did you like that?" Rachael asked. "yeah" it was good. We had experimented with all sorts and had done strap ons, anal play, etc. I dont think she could actually believe it when i started sucking.

Rachael moved towards me, with that look she always has in her eye. She wanted to be fucked.

She lied down on the floor and motioned for me to get on top of her. AS i did, i felt a hand on my ass cheek.

"whats that?" i thought to myself. The hand started rubbing and moving slowly towards my hole. i entered Rachael, she gasped and shouted "fuck me". i Duly obliged and began ramming deep inseide her, feeling her warm walls envelope my hard dick, each stroke making her body shake with excitement.

The hand moved closer, i could feel feet between my legs. I looked around.

It was grame. His cock was stiff and he knew what he wanted. My ass.

"what are you going to do with that big boy?" i asked. "i'm gonna fuck you with it" came his reply.

His hand began opening my ass cheeks so he could position his cock. Noticing that it was obviously dry, and that no lube was available, he began kissing my butt cheek. Licking and biting. His head rose and he spat slowly onto my crack, ensuring it was wet.

"here we go" i thought to myself.

He wanked his cock, and moved into position.

i was so horny with anticipation. "fuck me then" i said to him.

He pushed his cock against my ass, easing it slowly. After a while he was fully inside me. His full seven inches deep inside my virgin ass, fucking it slowly, making sure i felt every last bit. it felt so good, his balls gently slapping on mine. Each stroke getting quicker, I could hardly concentrate on fucking my rachael, but my cock felt huge and it was obviously still pleasuring her.

"oh fuck, yeah, you little slut" grame said, obvously enjoying me. His cock was throbbing and i knew he was going to shoot his sticky load up my ass.

"are you going to come up there, you little bitch" isaid to him. "Ooooh yeah" came the reply.

His strokes immediateley began getting quicker and quicker, m ass was hurting but i was loving it too. "oh god i'm going to cum soon" he said

"go on big boy, shoot you load" i replied. With that i felt his cock become incredibly hard, his thrusts become longer and then.....

A feeling of warmness and wetness deep inside my ass. Fuck tht felt so good. It felt like he was coming for ages, but in reality it was only about ten seconds.

He eased his cock out of my ass, a big dollop of cum trickled down onto my balls and down my thigh.

"its my turn" said rachael. "what" i thought to myself?

She pulled my dick out of her pussy, and rolled over onto her front, arched her back ,and stuck her ripe juicy ass in the air.


Part three coming soon. LEt me know aht you think of my story!