Written by Rob

19 Feb 2005

2 years after my mum and dad divorced, when i was 16, my mother had re-married. It was a new years eve and i had been roped into going to a "family" party down south being hosted by my father in laws sister, my step-aunt. we were having to stay over as it was short-notice our decision to go, but this was not a problem as my step-aunts husband owned a very large house. This was the first time i had really been introduced to my step fathers extended family, of course i had seen them at the wedding but had not been too keen to mix with them. My step-aunt was mid 40's but an impressive looking lady, she had huge breasts and a huge arse with a face that would have been good looking a few years ago. When we all sat for the meal, about twenty of us (12 adults, 8 kids) my step-aunt angie was leaning over to serve some food (she was sitting next to me), and i couldn't help myself looking at her mounds down her top, she noticed my looks before i looked away and carried on with her business, but my looks had had a greater effect than i had realised. When she leant over me again later in the meal she pushed her chest against me but i assumed this was so she could reach something far away, this turned me on but thankfully the tablecloth covered any signs. The rest of the meal passed without incident, everyone was drinking champagne and getting a bit giddy and i had been allowed a couple of glasses so was not seeing exactly straight myself. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and i heard someone enter behind me and close the door but i thought nothing of it, a second later two hands coiled around my waist to rest on my crotch and the person whispered in my ear, i saw you looking down my top before robert, i shrugged her off and moved across the kitchen and apologised for my eyes wandering, but she followed me again and pressed herself against me with her lips only an inch away from mine, i was conscious of her chest pressing against me, and she could soon sense my adolescent bulge forcing against her through my pants, i could smell the alcohol on her breath as she whispered that, she was going to punish me for that look before i left, with that she left the kitchen, and left me in shock with a rageing hard-on. When i had calmed down, i resumed my effective baby-sitting duties with the other children as they dashed around. Later in the night, about 11.30 i relieved myself off the children and went upstairs to the toilet. The house was relatively old and the locks needed keys to lock them, but the key upstairs was missing and i was desperate, so i shut the door and had taken my cock out when the door opened to my left, i tried to cover myself up but the person walked in, put the key in the door and locked it, it was my aunt angie, she gave me an evil look and walked upto me and started yanking on me violently, i was in pain but the large woman forced herself on me and i found myself hardening vigourously, she was my height but a lot heavier than me, she let go of my penis and pushed me against the wall kissing me, and now, i responded and began kissing back and feeling her large tits. She put the toilet seat down and sat me on it and quickly pulled her top over her head, i gaped when i saw these breasts held in by a huge bra, which she quickly took off,she pulled down my jeans and boxers and wrapped her hot lips around my cock, before, with my help to support them, wrapping her tits around my penis and giving me a rapid tit-wank. When i told her i was close to cumming she immediately stopped and perched on my knee, with her legs either side and my cock standing up between us and carried on kissing me, i managed to break the embrace long enough to say i wanted her and at this, she roughyl removed her own jeans and knickers, and bent over so i could see her incredible rear, now i had had a few girlfirends but had never seen a womans private parts under bright spotlights, but she looked incredible, she demanded of me if i had a condom, i said no, but she shrugged her shoulders before standing up over me and sitting down on my cock, she rode me furiously and offered me a nipple to suck which i gladly accepted, i could feel her wetness, and she let out a low moan and informed she had cum, i told her i was near and she stood up off me and did something completely unexpected, she re-positioned herself before grabbing my cock and sitting down on me again, she was leaning backwards and had her legs up around my neck, i was having to grasp her back and lean back for us not to fall on the floor, she seemed tighter than before, she seemed to be struggling more and rode me really vigorously before i felt myslef on the edge again, i warned her but she ignored me and i ended up spurting isnide of her, she stopped panting and climbed off, i was a bit worried, i questioned her if she was on the pill or something, she gave me a cheeky look and said "bless you, you little innocent boy, that was your first anal experience" she gave me a kiss and walked out leaving me to have the piss i wanted 15 minutes ago!! I now have a thing for older women, and bathrooms, get in touch