Written by John

30 Sep 2003

My first posting on the subject seems to have

generated a lot of interest with 708 views in

one day! I thought it only fair that i should

hopefully delight the anally curious and those

who'd like to satisfy their curiosity alike.

You'll recall in part 1 how i as a naive young

lad of 22 was seduced into offering my smooth

little bottom to George a middle aged mentor of


I recounted the first time and rather teasingly

brushed over the numerous other sessions i enjoyed

being arsefucked by his big cock.

George was an experienced cocksman who knew the

kind of young chap who might be up for his kind

of fun,i often wonder if he occasionaly wanks over

the pics he took of me bending over the sofa or

spreading my cheeks on the bed.

He really liked my bum i know and i was often

showered with gifts and money too.

(i don't think i was alone in that.)

It's difficult to explain the exiting mix of

pleasure and pain that compelled me to offer my

bottom so gladly.

The exquisite pleasure as i laid curled up in bed

feeling his big knob probe my anus and enter my

churning rectum ,the gentle but deep(oh so deep)

fucking,and then the feeling of giant spurts of hot spunk

in my bowels.

Or the massive thrill of lying on my back and having my legs lifted so my

ankles where at my ears.

In this position i could see the awesome heavilly veined

shaft of Georges penis stretching my bumhole

unbelievably wide and it's superior length moving

in and out,i would wank my own cock wildly as my

poor bottom endured it.

My bum always regained it's tightness as these

sessions lasted for about 3 months.(there were about

7 arsefucking sessions in all including much cocksucking and

wanking of Georges cock by me his young bum chum.

It always made my little bumhole tingle when he

called during that time and let me tell you i liked it.

I hope those chaps who yearn for this submissive pleasure

enjoy this story and get what they want.

But most of all i hope those naughty old chaps

who like a young fella's bum enjoyed wanking to

this account of my now not to be repeated adventures.

Be nice though.