Written by Andy

1 Dec 2003

I had arranged to meet a guy on Sunday, but because I live with my girlfriend, I could only make the arrangements by email. Unfortunatly, I was getting no replies to my mail, so I had to assume it was off.

I logged onto the chatroom Sunday afternoon and started to chat to a 34 yo guy, who lived only 8 miles away…and could accommodate. We arranged to meet that evening.

Now I have had quite a few meetings arranged before, only for a no-show to happen. Because of this, I always ring just as I am setting off to make sure it is not going to be a wasted journey.

At 8pm, I rang his mobile as arranged from a phone box….no answer. I quickly hung up and redialled before the message box kicked in.

Phil answered and I asked if he was still up for the meet. We arranged to meet outside a pub in Prestwich, Manchester. He knew what car I had and he jumped in. We went for a drive, chatting away, I think so he could see whether he fancied playing with me…then he gave me directions to his house.

We went inside into the front room. It was lovely and warm. He offered me a drink and asked if I had brought anything to wear (I had previously asked if he was into stockings etc, and he’d said he would like me to wear them).

I asked him should I go change and he said yes.

I went to his bathroom, undressed and put on a pair of very brief, pink panties and slipped on a pair of barley black, hold-up stockings. I entered the front room and stood before him. Phil began stroking my crotch as I stood there savouring the moment. I had never dressed for a guy, but I was loving every minute of it.

He then slid his fingers inside and stroked my now hardening cock. I began to unbutton his jeans. Phil is a stocky guy, with a cock that was much thicker than mine. He was 7” compared to my 6 ½”. He quickly undressed and pushed me onto my back – he was taking control. His mouth completely engulfed my hard cock as he expertly began to suck me. I wrapped my legs around his neck and smoothed my stocking feet over his thighs, then I began to stroke his cock with both my feet, still with his mouth clamped firmly over my cock.

“This isn’t fair”, I said, “You are giving all the pleasure”. With that I pushed him on his back and began to wank him as I pushed my tongue down on his cock. I could tell he liked that as his cock stiffened further. After a couple of minutes, we began to 69. I knew I was close, but how far was he? The answer would soon present itself. I suddenly got a small taste of pre-sum…then his cock jerked and he shot his load in my mouth. I took it all and gently licked his cock clean. He was still sucking on my cock, not it was my turn. I could feel that gorgeous sensation like a slow train coming. I warned him that I was cumming, but I was happy to find that he just locked his mouth more tightly around me. Then I came as he drank me and he, in turn, licked me clean. We then chatted a while, him naked and me still in my stockings.

I think we may meet again…soon I hope!