Written by Adam

16 Aug 2004

This is true story that happened to em a few years ago and I still get horny thinking about it....i must tell you a story that happened to me about three years ago....i was going out with my previous g/f who was only 27, an airhostess, the horniest f/m i have even met and stunning to look at, she also had a gorgeous body and when she came she squirted it every where...

well although she ws all the things i have just said she had no personality unfortunately so the relationship didnt last but she know i was bi and we had a couple of 3soms with a mmf situation. She loved sucking cock and being fucked by two guys.

Well it ws my 35th b'day and for months i had been trying to get her to do a MFF 3som, she kept telling me i would have to wait.

Well i dindt take too much notice but the day after my b'day she said she had a surprise for me and as we hadnt spoken about it for a while I had forgotten it,

well when i got home I walked into the living room to find her work colleague, another air hostess there dressed in a dressing gown; she said that my g/f was in the shower and that they had just finished their shift and had come home to freshen up b4 going shopping,nothing strange about that.

Anyway i decided to make some coffee

whilst in the kitchen her friend (sam) walked in and dropped the dresssing gown to the floor to reveal this fab body with great perk tits....

well i nearly died as i hadnt expected it,

anyway it all started ot make sense as she said i beleive someone has a b'day wish.

Well she statrted to rub by trousers and my cock was rock hard..next minute she is on her knewes on the kitchen floor, got my cok out and sucking me for britain...god her tongue was everywhere.

All of a sudden I heard the bathroom door open and i was worried that my g/f didnt know about this, but very quickly it was obvious it was a set up....

My g/f debs came in and said hey your not supposed to have started without me..

can you imagine my thoughts?

well i was standing there being sucked by sam with my g/f pushed up against me with her tits in my mouth, she had gr8 tits....

this carried on and then debs said she wanted to have a go at sucking me as well so they were both on the floor, licking and sucking my cock in turns..god knows how i didnt explode.

anyway i said that i wanted to go to the bedroom but for some reaosn they said i couldnt.

anyway they took me into the lounge and told me to get naked and sit o the sofa....they then removed the last bit of clothing they both had on and laid in the 69 position and proceeded to lick each other out..well i was flabbergasted, because it looked like my g/f was a true pro at it, they carried on making lots of slurpy noises and had each other moaning.....then debs got on all fours and started to suck me again. sam was behind her thrusting her tongue up her pussy...then from under a cushion they got out a double ended 18" rubber dildo......they laid back on the floor and inserted the length of this dildo up each others pussy until there was virtually nothing left to see

they were squirming, and i was gettign wetter and wetter

i was told to get on the floor and lick their clits whilst the dildo was in them both and this i did until i made each one of them cum....and as i said when debs cums boy she cums, it squirted everywhere and was a real flood......they told me that i had passed the first test but there was more in store for me!!!! i had to sit on a dinign room chair and had my hands tied behind me....

at this point debs came and straddled me by standing over the chair and sam was on her knees and sucking me again

i had to ask them to stop once as i knew i was going to explode,so debs then lowered herself on to my hard cock

she rode me violently like she had never done before and sam was pushing the dildo up debs arse and the other up mine

this carried on only for a minute or so as i was going to cum,they then xchanged places and sam had a much tighter pussy and leaned right back so debs could stand over her face and sam licked her pussy, all this time i am tied up.

They then stopped and said that if i could fuck them one after another for two minutes each they had a final treat for me, so i was untied and fucked them one at a time, nice and slowly so not to explode and i managed to fuck them both for two minutes,after that they sat me back in the chair and tied me up again.

I was then blindfolded and said that this was my final treat...i heard the door go and then there they were again in front of me but i couldnt make it out

they were both moaing but it sounded like they were being fucked, i tried to relaase my hands but they were too tight,

well they sounded like they were gettign fucked and then it was obvious that there was another person in the room

well they were obviously gettign fucked hard as the moans were loud and really horny

...i was gettign a liitle frustrated at this point as i thought this was the bit i should have been in on and i was blindfolded and tied up, but i was told to wait.

then it was obvious debs had cum........the moaning stopped and i then felt sam between my legs sucking my cock and i knew it was her as her hair is long and debs is short.....and i thought debs was going to stand over the chair and let me play with her tits, BUT i felt the person straddle over the chair but i felt a cock pushing my lips apart and the next minute debs had relaesed the blindfold a

and there was this gorgeous hunk about twenty yrs old with a smooth muscly body and a 8" roick hard cock with debs cum dripping off it standing over me pushing his cock into my mouth.

debs was so excited, she said there you are now youve got everything, 2 pussys and a firm cock.

well craig as it turned out to be was fab, he wanted me to suck him, which i did after licking all of debs sweet cum off....then he went down on his knees and sucked me,,,,,he then said that debs wanted me to fuck him whilst she and sam watched, which i did whislt he was licking out sams pussy......i stopped b4 both he and i cum as we had to fuck the girls.... and that we did..

he laid debs on her back and slid his cock in her really slowly and so gracefully she was loving this hunk fucking her, sam then got on all fours and started kissing debs tits whilst i fucked her from behind.....and that is how it all happened...and its true......

it was the best birthday i have ever had..

oh and craig was a colleage of the girls from the air, he was a bi guy who has now given up and is a model!!!and i have fucked him.... Adam