Written by John Smith

28 Oct 2003

I have been having a dream lately that I hope some of you can help me with. I dream that I park my car in the woods, get out and strip totally naked. My freshly shaved cock and balls swinging in the cool air. As I walk over to a parked car I see a couple fucking my cock grows hard, then from behind someone grabs my cock and starts to wank it. guiding me over to a bench I am bent over a feel a hard cock pressing againest my tight ass. anothe guy standsinfront of me and feeds his cock into my mouth as I feel the man behind me roughly put his cock in my ass. I know it is dirty and danerous but I can feel he isn't wearing a condom. he rides me hard bare back as the man in my mouth shoots his cum into it. He stands back and another guy enters my mouth. I feel the guy in my ass cum and pull out, then another thicker longer cock enters me bareback. after they have finished they take pics of my cum filled mouth and ass then leave me to finish my self off in the empty car park.