Written by Terry

18 Aug 2004

My bi fantasy.

So last night I lay in bed and I thought this:

We meet. We drink tea and chat about the weather but not for long because we have other things on our minds.

You strip and have a shower but I don't.

While you are doing that I put a towel on the bed and sort out the ties (literally neckties they usually work but I can also use duct tape) if you are not happy with tying the first time we can just use the blindfold but keep your hands under your head or just out of the way. I put on latex gloves.

You stand naked in front of me and turn round so I can blindfold you.

You lie on the bed and I put your arms above your hand and tie your wrists together.

I tie your legs but I tie them apart.

Then it begins.

I explore your body...I concentrate on the nipples...I make them hard...all the time looking for a reaction further down...

I can always give a casual helping down lower down too.

Then I begin giving you a long slow wank...baby oil...slick and smooth...

I force you to come.

I clean up with kleenex

But what's this...my hand is still holding on to your cock

it is soft and pliant my fingers very gently stroke the head and the small bit just below the

head (the male clitoris!)

in time it responds.

It was slow and smooth before...this time it is fast and furious

your heart pounds.

Come again!