Written by Jass

9 Dec 2004

I am a horny male of 38 years of age and have not had a bi experiance for nearly 10 years due to moving away from my home which is just outside London. Anyway, i had started studying some of the websites that cover this topic in the hope of getting to meet a couple with a bi male. It is important to me as i love women and men and wanted the experiance again. I made contact with a couple that were advertising and we had been sending emails for about three weeks and I arranged a meeting, to tell the truth this was the second time we had arranged to meet as I bottled out the first time and made an excuse as to why I could not meet. I got up the courage and the morning arrived and I woke up as horny as I ever had knowing what it was that I was about to do.

I made the journey some 30 miles and arrived at their chosen meeting place which was a hotel in Taunton, I ordered coffee and before I knew it there they were in front of me, M had his hand out streched for a welcoming hand shake and D leaned over and kissed me on both cheeks. It was apparent to them that i was nervous and they re-assured me all was ok and if I did not want to we did not need to do anything today.

We chated for an hour and M asked if I wanted to go upstairs as they had booked a room and I agreed, throat dry, we made our way up. We entered the room and D took off her coat and undressed down to her lovely lingeree, it was fabulous, she had a lovely body and nice breasts. M undressed and asked D to entertain us, she did so by playing with her breasts and leaning over to her bag took out a small shiny vibrator. By this time M was playing with his cock and I could not help but look at him. He had a lovely cock, bigger than mine, about 7 inches and so thick, I was as hard as I had been in a long time. D leaned over and started to stroke my cock through my trousers and undid my zip and pulled out my cock. She looked at M and said, dont be rude you should look after our guest, this he did and he did it well.

He leaned over and took me 6 inches in his mouth and gave what was a great blow job and played with my balls to the point where I was about to come and i stopped him, I pushed him backwards and started to suck his cock, it was thick and so hard it was an incredible felling.

I stopped sucking him and started to wank him off and D said you wont forget me will you and being as helpful as I can i started to eat her pussy, she came so quick it was unreal, not more than three or four strokes of my tongue and she came. She said she gets so turned on by two men it does not take long. I got up and turned her round and started to fuck her doggie style and M was behind me rubbing his cock against my arse, as I dont take anal.

I was fucking D hard as that was the way she wanted it and she was working her hand on her clit and I could not hold back any longer and I came my load inside her, when I pulled out M got infront of me and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me dry. M then turned his attentions to D and started to fuck her from behind and I was laid on the bed D took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard again M was about to come and he offerd D his cock and she took it in her mouth and swallowed all his sperm. He dropped to the floor and D stated that M needed to be fucked, so I obliged by pushing my cock into his arse and fucked for all I was worth, this was a longer process than before as I had already come once. I managed to hold off for as long as I could as D was doing her best to wank herself off whils watching me fuck her husband and I could see she was nearly there she came with wild bursts of noise which signalled that it was ok now for me to come this I did with great thrusts into mikes hole and came.

I finished the day with the two of them sucking me off and what semed like a fight to get as much sperm as they could. We have arranged amother visit in a couple of weeks and I cant wait. They say they cant either. I would like to thank M & D for taking their time with me as I was nervous, however as genuine as any one on this site.