Written by Jo and Kate

14 Mar 2004

Im in my twentys and have always looked at women and love to watch lesbains. Ive chatted alot to bi women in chat rooms and when it comes down to meeting them i back out. A few nights ago my mate came over to my house with some wine. We talked about our boyfriends and she told me that she would love to fuck a women, i then told her what i have been thinking. We were both nervous but she asked if she could sit with me on the sofa. she came over and we kissed she then pulled back and said maybe its not what she wants and its wrong. I put my hand on her leg and she then told me to move it up higher. I moved my hand so i could feel the silk of her nickers and the bulge of her pussy. i moved my finger up and down on her bulge until she slightly opened her legs and then said put your finger in side. I pulled her nickers to the side and put my finger in them. i could feel her wet pussy and as my finger moved up towards her clit she opened her legs further apart. We kissed again using tongues and she was horny as hell. i pushed my finger into her hole and moved it around she then told me to push more fingers in to her. I stood up and pulled down her skirt and her silk black nickers. Her pussy was shaved and bulging she opened her legs so i had a full front view of her soaking pussy. I got down on my knees and licked her clit and licked her sweet pussy all over. she was holding my head and pushing her pussy into my face and telling me to lick her more. I licked harder and then pushed my three fingers into her hole. Soon as i finger fucked her and licked hard on her large swollen clit she grabbed my hair and pulled it hard as she let go of her self and come all over my tongue and face. It tasted wonderfull. She wanted more and asked me to now suck her lovley little tits. she took of her top and her tits were small with big swollen nipples. She told me to lick on them and make her wet again. i sat on her and played with them squeezing them with both my hands and flicking her nipples i then put my tongue on them and made her moan. she then told me to suck them hard. i sucked on them and still flicking them with my tongue. i put my finger in her hole again she was dripping wet. I asked her if she wanted to be fucked. she wanted it all. she told me to put her vibrator in her and fuck her with it hard. Her vibrator was a big black one with a high speed. i pushed it in and fucked her she loved it. I turned it on and fucked her harder she come straight away for me. After her fun it was my turn and boy did she work on me licking and fingers and fucking me with her vibrator. It was something i had never experienced before. I ended up orgasming 3 times something i cant do with my boyfriend. I no now i love sex with women but still like to be fucked by a cock as well