Written by TransitMan

18 Apr 2004

You came round at the weekend.When I saw your tooth brush, it told me everything I needed to know-you weren’t going home tonight……..

We had dinner, and a nice bottle of wine, or three.

I had a bath.You and Yvonne were talking downstairs.We all knew what we wanted,but who would break the ice?

I sat down,you guys didn’t know what to do next.Yvonne said, I think I’ll have a bath too.She left the room.I came over to the sofa, and straddled you.You could feel my throbbing cock against your chest.I took your arms and pinned them above your head.My lips were on yours and you returned my kiss.

Time for some music,gotta be Barry White.

We danced,slowly,our hips grinding together,my hands grasping your arse.Your tongue is down my throat.

Yvonne comes downstairs,dressed in knee length leather boots,fishnet stockings,suspenders,leather studded bra and micro-mini.She puts her hands around your waist and sways to the music.She takes your breasts in her hands and gently massages your nipples.

She lifts your dress over your head and takes my hands and places them on your tits.You’re sandwiched between us, swaying to the music.She pushes you onto your knees,and eases my shorts down.My throbbing cock is before your face and you take it into your mouth,your lips sliding down its full length.

Yvonne is wanking me off into your mouth,massaging my balls.She stops and gets the camera.You push me off, just as I’m coming,and she gets a pic of my cum dripping off your face and onto your tits.She puts the camera down, and licks my cum from your tits.

She reaches out, and puts on a strapon cock and I kneel over over your body as you lie on the floor.She enters me from behind.You take my cock in hand and gently wank me off .I’m coming again,and a hot sticky load bathes your chest.I use my cock to spread it around,teasing your hardened nipple.

Yvonne takes off the strapon and gives it to you.I’m sitting on the sofa and Yvonne straddles me,facing you.She eases my cock into her lubricated arse and spreads her legs wide.You enter her gaping, dripping cunt.You take her rock hard nipples in your mouth,biting gently as I massage her tits.

I can feel the solid length of the strapon as I thrust into her.

We’re banging away and she’s writhing in our hands.With an animal cry I force her arse to take the full length of my cock and she comes with a scream

Yvonne sits on the settee and I kneel before her.You enter me from behind,whilst massaging my balls.I’m forced down,my face onto Yvonne’s dripping cunt.I lick her out as you thrust into me,harder and harder.

Yvonne slides down and kneels before me.My cock is between her tits ,moving up and down as you keep pushing into me.My cum splashes over her tits.She massages it in and you push my head towards her tits and I’m forced to lick it off.

Standing, I grab hold of both of you by the hair.Your both kneeling before me.The sight of 4 wet tits has got me stiff again.I push you both on to my throbbing cock and you take it in turns to suck me.Yvonne slips a couple of fingers up my arse as you squeeze my balls.With a groan I cum again, spraying both of you in the face.There’s cum dripping from your face, down onto already sticky tits.

Exhausted, I sit down.I’m just watching now as Yvonne’s hands are bound behind her back.You push her head down between my legs and spread her legs wide.You ease your big black strapon into her red raw cunt and grab her tits,squeezing hard.I’m getting hard again and Yvonne is biting into my swollen cock with her teeth,harder as you thrust harder.You take the strapon from her quivering pussy and put it into my mouth.I lick off every drop of Yvonne’s juices as I cum again into her mouth.

Taking off the strapon,you sit on the sofa, legs open wide and pull Yvonne’s face towards your cunt.She pulls your swollen cunt lips apart and starts to lick your clitoris.I kneel over you on the sofa and start wanking myself off in front of your face.You pull her head closer,grinding yourself against her,covering her in wet sticky juice.I cum in your face and smear it all over.You bring Yvonne’s face up to yours, and she licks the warm cum from your face.

I’m on my knees,legs spread wide,my hounds cuffed behind me.Yvonne is underneath me,my cock between her tits.You kneel down and begin squeezing my cock with one hand, whilst slapping my arse with the other.You reach for the vibrator and coat it with lube.You pull my arse open and gently slide in the vibe.I’m sliding my cock between her tits as she pushed them together.I’m in an agony of ectasy as you switch on the vibrator.Waves of pleasure take me.I’m filled up and moaning with the pleasure of it.You slap my arse again,harder.The cum is pumped from me and splashes onto Yvonne’s neck.With a final savage thrust you ram the vibrator into me and I’m pushed down onto the hot sticky puddle.With cum dripping from my face, you rub your tits over my face,and Yvonne licks it off.

Yvonne lies down on a low table.We bind her hands together under the table.We pull her legs apart and bind them to the table legs.Her shaven pussy is wide open.You fasten clothes pegs to her stiff nipples.She winces momentarily.A blindfold covers her eyes.Her head hangs down off the table.I open her mouth and she sucks greedily on my swollen cock.You kneel between her legs and slowly start licking her damp pussy.I’m fucking her face,squeezing and pinching her breasts.She’s writhing now,bucking her hipe against your mouth.We tie her body down to the table.

You push an ice cube into her arse and push it far in.

On your knees you guide your big black strapon into her soaking cunt.She’s screaming and writhing,begging you to fuck her harder.I straddle her, and bring my bulging cock to point at your tits.I’m wanking away furiously and deliver streams of hot sticky cum onto your tits.Yvonne is cuming and your fucking her hard,getting the slippery dildo in to the hilt.I’m standing behind you, squeezing your tits,moistened with my cum.My fingers are in your mouth.You greedily suck my juice from your fingers.

Yvonne is unbound and bent over the end of the sofa.Her arms are outstretched and fastened.Her legs are bound together and fastened to the sofa too.She can’t move.A ball gag is placed in her mouth and the blindfold applied.I stand behind her and you kneel beside me.You start to fondle my cock and balls.I lubricate an anal butt plug and gently insert it into her arse.You put two fingers of your left hand into my arse.I take a leather strap and administer a resounding thwack to Yvonne’s arse.She flinches, but makes no sound.You begin to masturbate me,and get your fingers in as far as you can.Another loud slap.Colour begins to come to her cheeks.I’m getting hard.Another slap,harder this time.She squeals like a stuck pig.Slap,slap,slap.Her cheeks are now glowing.Slap.With a final squeeze you milk my balls and the cum covers her red rosy cheeks.Together, we greedily lick it up, laughing like idiots as we see ourselves in the mirror.

You showered as I unfastened Yvonne.Her grin made me grin.We kissed and embraced.I told her it was the best birthday present I’d ever had and couldn’t wait for Christmas.