Written by Stillabitsore

9 Dec 2005

Last week my wife, Sam ,and I were have a good session and as she does when she gets really hot she put on her strap-on and was giving me a good fucking when she said 'would you let a man do this to you ?'. This took me by suprise as I've never really thought of having bi-sex and I would never of thought Sam would be up for anything like that, she is very sexy but only the two of us. Then I heard myself saying ' only if you want me to '. This seemed to excite her and she thrusted into me harder until we both exploded.

It was my birthday yesterday and I must tell you what happenned. We had arranged to meet our friends in the local for a few beers and Sam as usual was dressed in her short skirt and low cut top showing off her 38ccs well. She also had her hold up stockings on and no knickers. She also likes me to go commando so she can rub my cock all night. We had a good night with our friends and another young lad of about 20 called Mark who was a friend of a friend.

We said our goodbyes and I'm sure I saw Sam wink to Mark as we left. I couldn't wait to get home as it was my birthday I knew I was in for something good. We went straight to the bedroom and as soon as we were there Sam took charge. She told me to strip off and lay on the bed. She then stripped off herself and strsddled my face placing her shaven haven over my mouth. I responded and licked her until she moaned with delight and I felt her juices flow over my chin. She jumped up and said it was my turn now and took my cock in her mouth and give me a great blowjob. After about 5 minutes she pulled away and reached under the bed where she keeps all her toys and to my suprise she showed me a blindfold I've never seen before and she put it on me. 'Lift up your arse ' she said and she slid a pillow under me. 'Are you ready for my cock'she said 'Oh yes please'I replied, and she rubbed some KY into my hole.

I could hear her putting on the strap-on and then I raised my legs as I was told and felt her fingers enter me. First 1 then 2 then 3 wow what a feeling 'you're ready now 'Sam said and I felt the end of her cock against my hole gently easing its way in and with one final thrust I felt the balls against my cheeks. She withdrew almost immediatley and then I felt something pushing into me. it wasn't the same feeling warmer, thicker more real. It thrusted into me getting faster and faster I'm in heaven. Then a hand got hold of my cock and began wanking me. After a while I felt the moistness of a mouth round my bellend sucking me.

The fucking was getting harder and the sucking deeper ' I'm cumming 'I shouted and at that moment felt an explosion in my arse and I emptied my sack into the mouth over my cock. The cock pulled out of my arse and I was licked clean. After a few moments Sam removed the blindfold smiled at me and planted a big kiss on my lips. ' Happy birthday darling' she said. What fantastic sex we had all night but the events of last night have not been mentioned. I still don't know who it was. I hope it happens again though.