Written by Rich

15 May 2005

My dream was to one day get in the pants of this georgous black lady at work. We had lunch on several occasions, and after a while became close friends. She had mentioned she had dated a white man in the past. She said white men were really sexy and she enjoyed the gentleness of their touch and the oral pleasures they could give. I told her I had always wanted to make love with a Black girl.

The next morning I walked in the office, she was bent over her desk looking at some paperwork, her ass was nothing short of perfect. She was wearing a short skirt that fit like it was sprayed on on no undies. I walked up behind her and said you sure know how to tourture a man, with that she never looked up, she just reached back and pulled me up against her sweet, firm, young ass then began a soft movement on my crotch area. At once I reached around her and moved one hand up her blouse finding the softest most well developed breast, in my hands at last. My other hand slowly worked down the front of her skirt, she began to moan as I began rubbing her slit ever so gently. She turned her heard toward me licking my lips with a slow circular motion, and said you are making me so HOT, with this she began unziping me and had my cock in her hands. She began to wank me slowly, and after a few moments o this, I turned her around and began kissing her all over her face with just little wet kisses, she was getting weak in the knees, and I sat her up on the desk, slig off her skimpy G-String, I held it to my nose and savored the sweet smell, this really got her going, she said , do you like the smell, to which I said , good enough to spend a hour or so likckig your sweet jucies, with that she spread her legs and began to finger herself with one hand and wanking me with the other. I knelt down and began to lick the contours of her thighs getting closer and closer to her cunt, in all my life I have never tasted a sweeter cunt, it was out of this world, and I could have licked her for hours and hours,I sunk my tounge as far as I could inside her, she shuddered and grabbed my head tight and pulled me so tight I thought I would not be able to get my breath. She came twice more on my tounge, then she pushed me back and got on her knees, it is your turn she said, and with that she licked my cock up and down with an amazing softness, then she took my 8" all the way down her throat like a vacum cleaner, My God could she suck, I exploded in the back of her mouth, and it almost gaged her, I stood her up, sat her on the table, she took my cock and began to pull me to her cunt, OH MY GOD, this was the softest cunt I had ever felt around my cock, In no time I was flooding her with my cum, I came three times before I pulled out, never before or since have I came like that, her cunt was like a vacum, it would make me cum, then suck my cock hard again... I was completely drained, and all of a sudden their was a knock on the door, yep, it was the other employees comming to wiork... A quick kiss, and get cleaned up in a hurry...

We never got together again for another session, and soon after this occured she was transferred to another location.

I have since lost touch with her, But the memories of her I will savor...