Written by Gary

16 Oct 2003

My bro has been married for years and his wife is great she is so sexy and a good laugh and we have always got together and had a laugh.

About four months ago my bro who is in the RAF went away on a course leaving louise at home alone. Before he went he asked if I could go round some nights and see if shes ok. One Saturday night I thought I would call round it was about six oclock and I rang the door bell and no answer, so I shouted "Lou" through the letter box when she opened the bedroom window and said "gary I will be down in a tick" I stood and waited and wondered what she was doing.

She finally answered the door and she looked stunning she was of out with her mates on the town. she was wearing a white short dress that really showed of the shape of her curves and you could see she had no bra on and could see her nipples poking through the dress, her hair is bleached blonde and cut in a bob, she was wearing alot of makeup and had white knee high boots, she told me she had been on the sunbed that day which you could tell she was so tanned and with her hair she looked fantastic I was so envious of my bro.

she poured me a glass of wine and then invited me out with her on the town she of to a club as well, told ehr I wasnt sure but perhaps would meet her in the club later on.

Well I went of to meet my mates and arranged to go to the club, while inside I searched the place with my eyes and spotted Louise across the dance floor dancing with a women and a guy, the guy was tall and dark he had his hands on Louises back side and could then see his hands lifting up her dress to show of her white thongs. I walked across the dance floor and tapped Lou on the shoulder she introduced me to Wayne and Lynn they were her mates and married to each other. Lou came with me to the bar and I asked her why he was pulling her dress up with his wife there, Lou laughed and told me to my horror that she swings with them and my bro, I had to ask what the hell she meant by swing, she basically told me wife swapping, she shags Wayne and my bro shags Lynn. I didnt no what to say shortly after I left with Lou and went back to my bro house. Lou sat on the floor and opened another bottle of wine, we ended up talking and laughing and drinking three bottles of wine.

Lou then asked me if I fancied her me being drunk I told her she was sexy and yes I fancied her. She stood up and slipped of her dress she stood in her boots and white thongs she was stunning she really was like a model. Her tits were round and firm and her whole body was toned her stomach was pierced in her button hole. she then came over to me and sat straddling me with her legs either side. We started to snog and she tasted lovley she then whispered "fuck me" we stood up and I led her to the bedroom she lay on top of me on the bed and slowly stripped me of down to my boxers. she then took of her thongs and sat teasing my cock, we were kissing and she then kissed my whole body until she got to errect knob she pulled out my cock and sucked me of and licked it up and down I honestly thought I was going to shoot in her mouth until she pulled out and straddled me again, she slowly sucked on my nipples this drove me wild and it was then I grabbed her and pulled her near to me snogging her hard and roughly, she then sat on my errect cock slowly I went into her perfect hole she was drripping with cream she pushed up and down slowly and I grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

Up and down up and down pushing on to me she then with rythem got slightly faster and bounced on my cock harder I couldnt hold on any longer so I shot my cream up inside her wet cunt hole she then orgasmed all oveer me we were so wet it was everywhere.

We lay on the bed talking and I told Lou "we should never of done this your my brothers wife" she didnt seem to care and we carried on fucking all night long. I had the best sex ive ever had with Louise.

My bro doesnt no what happened but I just hope that I will fuck her once again