Written by ann

6 Feb 2004

with the blanket draped over the back of the passenger seats as my hubby drove, i dosed in the back it was summer time and my mind began to wonder i was feeling rather sexy wearing no underware just a dress with buttons down the front, it started to get a little dark as we travelled down the m25 to wards the m1 heading for manchester. The traffic started to slow once again and i noticed out of the rear passenger window trucks crawling by.My hubby could not see me with the blanket in place so i thought i would tease a little, i was pretending to be asleep but undid my buttons on the dress and slightly raised my right knee exposing my fanny, as we crawled past a truck i noticed he quickly caught up and stayed by the window i knew he was getting a good look, and felt realy wet knowing he would be thinking what he would like to do to me.I began masaging my self with my eyes closed and allowing my right leg to drop to the side i also slid my dress up getting more and more daring hoping hubby would not notice, but at this point didn't realy care, i began fingering my fanny and with the other hand i exposed my breast and played with my errect nipple and then moved down to massage my g spot, with both hands one fingering and one franticaly massaging i felt myself getting wetter and wetter as i brought my self to a climax and had to muffle my sounds in the pillow i opened my eyes for a glance and the truckers eyes met with mine he winked and i smiled and raised my finger to my lips to sign shush, he put his thumb up and put his tongue out as i smiled at him. I then went to sleep to dream of what might have been.