Written by jon

6 Oct 2005

i advertised for some one to take my arse for the first time, a chap called jim answered and we arranged a meeting at the village hotel in hyde, we met in the barand had a few drinks and jim said he had booked a room for the night,

i went along with this idea and we whent up to the room.

i explained to jim this was my first time and my man pussy was very tight,he said dont worry he was an expert at entering tight arses, we both made use of the shower and jim bent me forward in the shower and gave me my first rimming and inserted a finger lubricated with soap,the feeling was out of this world.we got on the bed it was then i had second thoughts when i saw the size of his dick,it was still flacid and at least 6" long. i proceded to wank it hard and it grew in my hand another 2" and very thick, jim got out the ky and squeezed half a tube up and on my hole, he said if it hurt me he would stop so i relaxed and waited for insertion,he pushed the bell end against my hole,it hurt a little then i felt my hole open up as the thick hard cock slipped in,he held it at the entrance until i got used to it,then i was taken by supprise i pushed back and he took this as a signal to go all the way in,which he did in one cruel hard push i could feel his balls slapping against arse, and he said you have got the lot,he started to fuck me and as the pain slowly went away i began to enjoy my first cock, he fucked me for about 10 mins and then cum up me, i went for another shower

to cool my ring and stop it stinging.i could feel his cum dripping out another first,

we got dressed and went for a meal, returning to our room jim said he was going to fuck me again while my hole was still open,and boy did he fuck me good style we had it at least 3 time in the night and he gave me a blow job as i needed to cum, we then went to sleep,and before we parted in the morning i got another good fucking, thanks jim.