Written by Dickie

14 Oct 2003

when I was 20 I was seeing loads of different girls some were ladys but some were complete slags.

One inparticular Rachel she was sexy and the same age as me i started to see her every weekend just to ride her really, she was good in bed and pretty and a good pair of tits and firm arse.

I lived with my dad in a rundown council house my dad was a devil for the women and loved me taking girls home he used to flirt with them and try to get them into bed.

Well Rachel came home with me late on a friday night my dad was sat watching the boxing on tv in his chair and drinking whisky. We sat in the room with him and he eyed Rachel up and started talking to her, she was wearing a short skirt which had rose up when she sat down so my dads eyes were fixed on her. About an hour later Rachel kept nodging me to take her upstairs, I started kissing her and touching her legs and she was opening her legs slightly for my hands to wander further, she lost control and did not care my dad was in the room, my hand went inside her nickers and her cunt was dripping i slowly fingered her and she opened her legs wider for me I started to tug at her nickers to pull them to the side and she let me i had four fingers in her and she was moving with every wriggle of my hand.

My dad was sat watching and stil drinking his whisky he then said "come on lad let me see some tit" Rachel then pulled up her top and showed of her tits to my old man she had completly lost total control I then lay her down on the sofa and pulled her nickers down i took out my cock and slowly went in to her cunt, just pushing the tip inside she was in another world she had her eyes closed and was playing with her own tits as I pushed in and out slowly. My dad came over and took out his cock I then turned Rachel over and into a doggy position she never minded my dad was standing with his cock out. With her arse up in the air I pushed into her from behind and started thrusting inside her wet cunt ##My dad then also pushed into her hole so there we were both with our cocks in this girls hole and fucking her she almost come soon as my dad entered. She was screaming and crying I could feel her body shaking and my cock errupted filling her up inside my dad kept fucking hard then emptying his sack in this girls wet cunt.

Well my dad was satisfied