Written by filkay

28 Mar 2006

I’ve just got in from work and have to tell you what happened to me today. I deliver to various food shops around the Portsmouth/Southampton area and one in particular is one I look forward to going to. Only two people work there, one is about 50 but the other is a 19 yr old very pretty girl. We get on and are very flirty with each other. A few weeks ago was her birthday so when I made my delivery she complained that I hadn’t got her any flowers so I went across the road to the market and bought her a little pot plant for 60p and gave it to her. I only deliver there every two weeks so today was the first time I had been back since then. She came up to me as I finished my delivery and asked me what she could do to thank me. I think she meant do I want a bun or pie or cup of tea, but I said “A blow job would be pretty good”. She blushed but, as I said, we are pretty flirty with each other so she said I would but I can’t leave my mate on her own in the shop. So the talk got around to her being a prick teaser and not having the bottle to do it and she insisted she did but couldn’t. I told her I am going to the loo and if she has the bottle she would follow me, after all her mate can’t moan at her for having a pee can she? So I went out the back to the loo and waited, within 20 second she had followed me so I knew it was going to happen. I just grabbed hold of her and started kissing her and running my hands all over her body. I turned her round and sat on the toilet in front of her then reached out to her jeans and undone the button and zip then pulled them slowly down. I pulled them down to her ankles and started kissing her pussy through her lacy white thong. She was holding the back of my head and pulling me towards her so I slipped a finger into her wet hole, then another two. My thumb as playing with her clit and she was dripping with cum. I slipped her a bit of tongue but was getting uncomfortable so I got up and manoeuvred her onto the seat and undone my own trousers and got my cock out in front of her face. She took it in one hand and slowly started wanking it then very slowly she leaned forward and started licking the tip of my cock. She pushed her tongue under my foreskin and then started to suck away. I was pushing her head on and pushing in and out and as I did so she sucked harder and faster. I could feel myself getting near the point of no return so I pushed even harder into her mouth. She must have felt me throbbing so she pushed a finger into my arse. This drove me wild, I shot load after load of my hot spunk deep into her throat, and she took the lot. As I finished she licked me clean then looked up at me and said “Thankyou for the plant”. We dressed ourselves and she went back into the shop as if nothing had happened and left me to go to my next delivery. Before I did I went back to the market and brought her a bunch if flowers which I took to her in the shop.