Written by Jimmybob.

17 Mar 2006

Last summer me and the boys from the football team went on a proper lads holiday. When we got there we knew that Shagalouf was the right destination. Our hotel was full of curvey and very sexy teens and twenties walking around in just bikini bottoms. It was a struggle not to get a stiffy just sitting in our trunks by the pool. One night we went out on the piss and me and my mate Tarquers (believe it or not his name is Tarquin) got seperated from the rest of us. We were in this bar called pullers and we saw these two amazing looking friends. Not being the shyest of lads we made our move. One these girls was short and cute. A typical blonde with long hair and wearing a very tight white blouse. Even though it was dark we could tell she was wearing no bra due to the fact that her sizable errect nipple were on display. Her breats were large and the definition of pert. (Must have been breazy that night!)Her skirt was so short it resembled a belt. Her mate was taller and a brunnette. Smaller tits but a fine fine round but tight arse. After a couple of hours chatting and many pina coladas later all four of us were hammared and decided to take the party back to their hotel room. Me and Tarquers were very excited thinking we had scored big time. As soon as we got to their hotel we realised they were sharing a room. I'd got it on with the blonde, him the brunette and we were both worried about where we'd get our respective fucks. But as soon as we got to the room they instantly took what little clothes they had on off. They were stood there topless in nothing but thongs. Me and Tarquers looked at each other in amazement. The brunette called out "what, you've never fucked a bird before? take it off!" We'd never fucked infront of anyone before but the alchohol and the curvy beauties with moist cunts infront of us soon took the nerves away and we took our throbbing cocks out. The girls started licking each others tongues and the brunette violently pushed the blonde on the bed and put her tongue up her hot and soaking cunt. Me and Tarquers in a trance watched on. Before the blonde in between crys of ecstacy yelled, "You going to use those dicks or what!?" I walked over and licked the the brunette and she tongue fucked the blonde. My head was nuzzled between firm buttocks. Tarquers started pulling the blonde and bashing his member into a frenzy. Then the girls really jumped in to action. They made us put our veiny meats next to each other and got on their needs and shared our cocks rounds. My and Tarquers hi fived as two beauty whores devoured us like they were in a famine and our cocks were the first bread they'd had in weeks, and they had the treat of jam to cum. Me and Tarquers looked at each other and new it was time. We though them on there bed and Tarquers taking the blonde and me the brunette we spat on there arse openings. and rammed our cocks right in there hot box. They yelped in suprise and pleasure. The brunette screamed, "fuck our arses till they shit cum you dirty fucks." This was too much for me and tarquers, who obliged and spaffed up there shit reservoirs. As we collpased in pleasure me and Tarquers has a little visual dissert as the girls took it in turn to suck our man batter out of each others brown key holes. It was simply the best night me and Tarquers had ever had. It wasn't till I got home and went for a filling I saw the brunette in a picture on my dentists wall. "who's that i quizzed?" "My daughter," he answered, "why?" "No reason," I replyed.