Written by tommyten

21 Oct 2006

Very true story.

last saturday i had to pick up an old girlfriend and her friend who were doing (and i mean doing drinks) for newly divorced girl sue. Helen asked to pick up and drive but when i got there she and sue were in for a long haul. Knowing the police attitude towards to drink-driving i stuck to water....goood move.

After a few more drinks sue said lets go back to my aunt's place which has a great view of the city, thinking so what's another half hour and I'll make the news ,said sure...second good move.

when we got there helen got very close and cuddly and wanted sex ASAP, never knocking back a good thing we moved to the bedroom and went for it. In the meantime sue was outside singing away (loudly) to the stero , suggesting that we really should have invited sue in helen didn't answer so I didn't push it .

When we got out to find sue sitting on the floor still singing away so we joined her , after about an hour (news long forgotten)sue suddenly said lets have a spa , within a few minutes we were there. Sue stated off coy by keeping on her bra and knickers , not for long turning her around i removed them....second good move, with no protests, shorty after helen joined us .my dream come true me two naked horny ladies ready for action.

After returning to the flat helen wanted more sex ASAP and this time sue after humming and harring joined us , neither are gay but this didn't stop them , both got results with my final shot coming while I fucked helen and tongue kissed sue .....finally my dream came true