Written by Mark

7 Jan 2004

On the first day I looked at the Swinging Heaven website, I noticed and advert from a local couple, James and Anna, who were looking for men to 'pleasure' a blind-folded Anna that very evening! I replied and to my surprise and astonishment was invited to meet with them at a local hotel with another bloke, Dan.

Nervously I knocked on their door at the appointed time, but I needn't have worried because James soon put me at ease. Anna, as promised, was blindfolded on the settee. Even though her eyes were covered, I could see that she was blonde, with a shaply body and looked Very Attractive: lucky James! I was encouraged to 'make friends' with her, which I did by feeling her naturally large, braless breasts and nipples. Shortly afterwards Dan arrived and took over on Anna's breasts while I found her pussy. Not surprisingly, Anna was not wearing knickers under her short black skirt and her pussy was wet and welcoming. Risking a cricked neck I shuffled my position to lick and suck her pussy. She tasted GREAT. Nice and sweet with no trace of bitterness.

After a short while, Anna removed her clothes, revealing her breasts for the first time. They were large and natural. Both Dan and myself took turns to play with them, and her pussy and she was soon experiencing the first of several orgasms.

Anna wanted to suck cock. Both Dan and myself experienced her swirling tongue and deep throat. at one point I was whispering encouragement to her while stroking her face at the same time as Dan's large, circumcised cock was in her mouth.

After recovering, James led Anna to the bed and tied weights around her ankles and wrists. She was now totally naked and spread-eagled on the bed. What a lovely sight! Again, she took Dan's and my cocks in her mouth in turn, all the time James was encouraging and egging her on. James then produced a vibrator which we used, with good effect, on her pussy. I could see Anna's pussy clearly now. Her puffy lips were open and crinkly, just the sort of pussy to nibble and suck on. Her pubes were closely trimmed. Opening her lips wih my fingures, I could see all her pink insides, which my tongue wasted no time in exploring.

All too soon, Anna wanted to feel our spunk on her breasts. In turn, she sucked and finally wanked us over her breasts, taking time to massage-in our spunk.

At this point, Dan left, which was a shame because James then butt-plugged Anna and gave her a good fucking right in front of me.

What an evening! It was a shame that I could not fuck Anna properly, but I can understand why not. I certainly had no hard feelings towards James for not allowing me to fuck his beautiful wife.

I look forward to my next invitation.....