Written by Louise

29 Aug 2003

Hi, I Louise.. (I hope you have read my other story and my new ad seeking a local man to fuck me and get me pregnant)

A local man contacts me from this site... we talk on the phone and I like him.. Infact Im gagging for it and cant wait to meet him... My hubby rarely touches me.... (and Im glad.. because I dont like him touching me... so I usually get away by giving him a quick wank but occasionally I do have to fuck him for a minute or two max)... So back to my fantasy.... I invite him down to my place... My pussy is throbbing wet with excitement.. I decide to put on my 5 inch heels,stocking, tiny black miniskirt and see through blouse. I decide to wear tiny black G-strings and red lipstick/tarty makeup.. Im so horny and looking forward to a different man touching me.

He knocks on my door and .... he is really nice... just an average man but sweet and friendly with a big hard on.

We hit it off.... so I am sucking his cock... and he fucks me... with a condon . He sees me again and ... we like each other .. the sex is great.. I love having a man who treats me right.. and makes me feel like a woman again... So we now start fucking .... the natural way... he fills my pussy with his spunk (and I love every second of it)..... to be honest not many men have cum inside me... Ive been married for years and every man I have met in the past has used protection......

And I loved it, and I want more.. so he keeps on fucking me for six months until Im pregnant.. And by this time ..I do want his baby .... infact I want to become his woman... So now its upto you to decide how this ends... Do you just want to fuck a gorgeous married blonde and get her pregnant or do you want to get me pregnant and make me your woman.... I know one thing,... If I meet a nice man... then Im willing to move on... because I deserve better...