Written by J & R

29 Jul 2003

My Lover often vists me when my husband is away at work and is always asking me about my fantasies...one one particular boring afternoon, it proved exciting ....After completing the pile of ironing I slumped into the settee to look at the clothes to be put away, a strange

yearning causes my stomach to tighten and the muscles in my legs to tingle, I let my fingers slip inside my blouse and bra and close my eyes imagining the touch of my lover, I let my hand trace down across my stomach and I squeeze between my legs, the material of my jeans hiding the fact that it is my touch not his, I feel that I am getting wet at the thought as I lick one of my fingers and slide it inside my knickers and jeans then down between my legs, suddenly I become aware that I am being watched, I straighten myself up, and see my lovers face is at

the window, as I stand up I notice he has gone, the sound of the back door opening and closing startles me, I don't look around, I feel his touch on my arms, tightly he grips my hands and pulls them behind my back, he

says nothing to me.....as he guides me to the stairs, then on to the bedroom, as I enter the bedroom and stand there motionless he places a blindfold over my eyes, he now moves around and I become aware he is in front of me, and un-buttons my blouse, kissing my neck and shoulders he slides it from my arms, his fingers slide under my bra straps as his pushes them from my shoulders, before loosening the clasp behind to allow it to fall down from my body revealing my breasts, I am are not sure what he is doing until I feel the touch of his hand on my breasts, then his tongue.....his hands now move to my jeans, as he slides them down over my legs, his

hand tracing the inside of my legs down, then moving back up stopping so his hand just rests on my knickers between my legs, this feeling heightens the sense of how wet I am getting, I yearn for his tongue there.... I feel his fingers slide inside my knickers and first one then two fingers slide inside me.... he gasps with pleasure at feeling my excitement, he gently removes my knickers and positions me on the bed, I allow him to cuff first one wrist to the bed and then the other to the opposite side, I am now face down and cannot move, I feel like there is more

than one person present, but as I am blindfolded I am not sure as I feel a touch on my back, he raises me to my knees so that I am kneeling and then I feel his fingers slide inside me, firstly they circle the outside of my

wetness before sliding in and out of my body, gradually getting deeper, until I let out a moan of pleasure and he replaces his fingers with his tongue, and begins to work inside my body... again I feel as if there is some else

present, but cannot be sure, but regardless I am now totally engrossed in what is happening to me...in any case being tied, what could I do anyway...... his tongue continues to work away inside my body, with every movement a shudder of excitement slides through me……..and I can’t help myself from moaning with pleasure as he enjoys my body and me his tongue....I feel his hands on my waste and then his throbbing erection push against my wetness, the feeling of this being someone other than my lover again rushes through my mind, I am now sure I feel the presence of someone else....but as he thrusts deep inside me the thought goes as my body is full now of sensations....I feel him start to make love to me in what is a strangely different and more desperate fashion than

I have felt from my lover before.....but again the thought quickly passes as my mouth opens and a gasp of pleasure comes out, he his now deep inside me and starting to thrust deeper with ever movement, faster and

harder, I push my bottom towards him as he thrusts into me, I feel my muscles tighten, and my legs tingle, my mouth is open and very dry and I reach the point of no return, I find myself gripping the pillow on top of the bed as I feel my entire body reach its climax and in doing so finish him off...his thrust become more exaggerated until I feel him push deep and explode inside me, the juices sliding down my legs, I am so wet and now his cum has joined mine......I slump forward on the bed, his body, still strangely un-familiar on top of mine.....I feel him move around and his hands move my head from the pillow as I raise myself up, his erection is offered to my mouth, his hands directing the movement of my head I start to take it inside, and the taste of both our bodies fills my mouth, still the sense of another person being present enters my mind and I struggle to shrug it of as being due to the blindfold.....I continue to do as he wishes, the taste of him covered in my wetness is sweat as I gently suck and lick his hardness.....I feel a sense of no escape .... He moves from my side and I slump back on the bed, I feel helpless and naked there for whatever he has in mind... I feel him release my arms as he turns me

on to my back before re-cuffing me, his tongue again finds my breasts, as he positions himself between my legs... how can he do it again so soon, I feel his arms open my legs and support them as he rubs his erection against me again, or is it again. This time I am sure it is my lover; his touch feels more familiar, firm and gentle. Then I feel him guide his hard erection into me.... he forces my legs up high to allow him

better access between my legs...he slides deep inside of me, his lips touch mine, his hand grips my breast, then slowly at first, then quicker and deeper he begins to thrust inside me ... I am now convinced this is not the same

person that just made love to me, his firm grip on my legs and the sense of safety and security is un-mistakable.... I feel his thrusts become more passionate as his lips again touch mine, my body and imagination can take no

more, my mouth again open as I cannot hold back from groaning with every thrust, is so dry.... I feel his body bang into mine faster and faster, the heat in mine is growing, I can feel the beads of sweat on my legs,

stomach and arms as my muscles tighten again, my stomach ties in knots, an I grasp hold of the chains of the cuffs binding me to the bed and I feel his body go rigid and then one last desperate thrust and he collapses on top

of me, after a few seconds, I feel his lips kiss my breasts, my stomach, now wet with sweat, then his tongue goes down between my legs, I cannot move as my brain is in overdrive as his tongue slides inside me and plays for a few seconds, before he returns to kiss me on the lips and I too can taste my fantasy........I hear as dresses and I am still convinced there is more than one person present, he releases me from the cuffs, but whispers for me not to remove the blindfold until he has left...I lay motionless on the bed as I listen for his foot steps on the stairs, but I hear nothing...I quickly whip of the blindfold and grab my bath robe and peer from the window, I see nothing, I go downs stairs and look through each room, as if expecting to find him, nobody is here, A knock at the door

startles me as my neighbour breezes in kids in tow, "Oh" she explains seeing me in the bath robe, so I have to explain how I had needed to go for a lay down as I felt somewhat light headed and that had just got

up to make a drink... I feel the wetness between my legs trickle down and for the first time in weeks, I smile.. a deep wide smile that I cannot take from my face... but was there some else there.........only my

lover knows for sure, it was probably just my imagination................and to this day he hasn't come clean!