Written by Kelly Jones

7 Jul 2004

I think it's about time to share what happened a few weeks ago in a club in London.I was there with a few friends on a Hen night,we had all started by going for a good meal and then hit the bars,where we really hit the shots hard.Well after the bars we decided to on to a club,it was while we were waiting to get in the club,I noticed a couple of black guys giving us all the eye.

We were all dressed to kill in short minis and t shirts that had sexy slogans on the back.Mine said 'I swallow'.

It was about an hour or so later we were on the dance floor having a pretty good laugh messing around,then the black guys we saw earlier started coming over on the dance floor giving us eye again.

Well the drink had flowed and I was feeling pretty horny,so I started to dance with the two guys,really giving it some on the dance floor,bumping and grinding.The two guys had smiles as wide as the Thames.I could feel them growing as we danced in the dark.Impressive doesn't do them justice.By now I was feeling horny and like a slut.I wasn't in a relationship,and hadn't been laid in a while,so I thougt maybe tonight I could fullfil my black fantasy and have a great time.

I left the Hen party and headed back to the guys flat.I don't know what the taxi was thinking when he was driving us back but he as good as had a free show.I was rubbing the lads crotches and they both had hands up my almost non existent skirt fingering my shaven pussy.

Well we got back to their flat,and I have never felt such a slut,I wanted them in every hole and in every way possible.They walked up to me and told me strip.This I did without hesitation,I really gave them a show taking off my clothes.They told me to keep my boots on.So there I was completely naked save for my boots rubbing my moist pussy.Damn this slut really wants us they said,as they took off there own clothes.they had fit bodies and their cocks were even more impressive now they were out,the smaller(if you could say that)was 9 inchesand the bigger one was at least 10.I had never seen anything like that let alone been fucked by one.I went up to them and taking both cocks in my hands started to slowly wank them both.On your knees slut thay ordered and down I went and started to suck them both and wanking them.It's true black cocks taste better,I licked off the pre cum that had started to cum,mmmmm that was nice.

On your front now they ordered,so in the front room there I was on my front the smaller of the two,I'll call him Darren,(I never did get their names)started to rub my pussy from behind as I started to suck Mark's cock.All of a sudden Darren slipped it home and was pumping me for all he was worth.He started slapping my arse calling me a white whore and a black cock slut,all the while Mark held my head in place sucking his cock.

Mark then lay back on the floor and I sat on top of him riding him,while Darren started pumping his cock in my mouth.I turned round on Mark and bent foward so that my arse was up in the air.Darren got the message and started to tease my arse hole with his cock.The pre cum was lubrication enough and was soon pumping in unison with Mark.I had never felt so filled as I did at that moment.

I didn't want them cumming in me just yet,I wanted to taste it all.Thay both stood in front of me and started wanking.I was sucking and licking them both and thay came at the same time.They came all over my face and mouth and I gobbled up as much as I could.It was as good I imagined it would be.We all got cleaned up after and started all over again.

To say I was fucked stupid was an understatment,and I loved everty minute of it.We are planning a repeat soon.

I'll let you know how it goes.