Written by nusnus

15 Dec 2013

Some time ago I met with a woman friend of mine, that I haven't seen over a year.

We were always attracted to each other and very open about our secret desires and sexual deviations (I even told her once about my fashion magazines fetish).

Having said that I found myself driving my car, with her at the passenger seat, all dressed up for me, with make up and everything - looking hot and sexy. She started touching and fondling me with her left hand. Then, to my surprise and joy, she pulled out of her bag a big thick copy of Italian Marie Claire magazine, opened it up and pressed it against her perfect breasts with her right hand (very feminine, with long nails, red nail polish - the lot...). the sight of her with that glossy magazine held by her groomed hand and being rubbed and moved on her body was so exciting for me, I had to stop the car on the side. I told her how I felt seeing her with the magazine like that, and she said it showed on my face and other parts of my body, and that it made her even more turned-on.

We kept busy for a while, hands all over our bodies and the open magazine pressed between our chests, or being pushed by her in my face, so I could smell it and lick it on her command.

I knew she brought the magazine on purpose, which made me thankful and appreciative to her - she is such a good friend !